The Weekly Cinco: Asher Roth, DOM Kennedy, Pusha T, Rick Ross & Wiz Khalifa

by DG

I didn’t realize the lack of music that dropped this week until I started putting this list together. Self Made 2 leaked and flopped this week, DOM released exactly what the summer needed last night and nothing else really happened except Lebron getting his first ring.


1. Wiz Khalifa ft. 50 Cent – Telescope (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

Wiz continues his streak of fly verses with this one. Harry Fraud provides the smoothness and Fif adds the street element. It’s a good blend of elements that make a easy track to ride to.


2. DOM Kennedy ft. Kendrick Lamar – We Ball | DOM Kennedy – Girls On Stage

These are a couple cuts from DOM’s Yellow Album that dropped last night. You already should know what you’re gonna get with him… fly regular dude type shit.


3. Rick Ross ft. T.I. – Bury Me A G

I have no idea why, but this track is a banger. It’s exactly what I’m tired of hearing from Rozay,  but yet exactly what the streets needed. Tip did his job on it as well.


4. Pusha T ft. Swizz Beatz – In This Ho (Lambo)

In typical Swizz fashion, this beat knocks and Pusha does it justice. I can see this song catching on. Hopefully this means Pusha is gearing up for a project…


5. Asher Roth – Good Morning View

This is really one of the most chill tracks I’ve heard in a while. The game needs more of this… outside of Curren$y we really don’t get this too much.


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The Weekly Cinco: Frank Ocean, French Montana, MMG, The Dream & Trouble

by DG

It’s almost summertime which means “No Gatorade” season is on the horizon. If you’re planning on being a thirsty savage like most of us are, you can use this weeks playlist as a warmup. The Dream and Pusha hooked up for another dope track. Frank Ocean, French & MMG all released their singles and Trouble came through in the clutch.


1. Frank Ocean – Pyramids

This is 10 minutes of pure flames. I almost forgot how dope Frank Ocean was until I heard this. It will live on his Channel Orange album that drops a couple weeks after the 4th of July.


2. MMG (Gunplay, Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill & Rick Ross) ft. Kendrick Lamar – Power Circle

I haven’t heard a song like this in a long time. Everybody… I mean everybody came through and did their job on this one. I also learned that the square root of a kilo is Rick Ross which is helpful.


3. The Dream ft. Pusha T – Dope Bitch

This is the 2nd time Pusha & The Dream have hooked up and it’s fire once again. Hopefully they have more music together… maybe something from Pusha’s album?


4. Trouble ft. Gucci Mane, Rocko & Travis Porter – U Dont Deserve Dat (Remix)

After looking at the feature list, I figured this would be an ignorant anthem, but it’s the opposite. They keep it 100 about what these heauxs do and do not deserve.


5. French Montana ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Rick Ross – Pop That

It will be a problem when this drops in the club. I never thought I w0uld see the day that Lil Wayne got washed by 3 rappers on one song… including French Montana.


This is the first Weekly Cinco in a while, but I have a good explanation. You see, the way my blog account is setup. I got a post and a draft, but all my blogs are in my drafts, so I gotta switch it to my posts, but it takes 3 weekend days… that’s why it doesn’t post sometimes.

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The Weekly Cinco: Drake, Joe Budden, Los, Lupe Fiasco & Young Jeezy

by DG

The Cinco is back after taking a week off for the holidays. Plenty of music dropped this week including songs from Jeezy, Budden, Lupe, Los, Marshall and more. Here’s some of my favorites…


1. Los ft. XV – Get It
Los drops a new joint from his mixtape The Crown Ain’t Safe dropping 12/5. Pretty dope track… I’ve been sleeping on this cat for a while, however I will make sure to cop this new mixtape.

2. Lupe Fiasco ft. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad – Super Cold (Raak Remix)
New “Super Cold” track from Lupe and Gilbere Forte from his new mixtape Friend of the People. After a some what of a disappointing album, Lupe really goes in on this song as well as the mixtape which is a must listen too in my opinion. …but hey who am I? Just a blogger with a dream.

3. Young Jeezy ft. Freddie Gibbs & Eminem – Talk To Me
Jeezy seems to be dropping new tracks on a weekly basis in anticipation of his new album that’s been pushed back about 17 times by my count. This track features Gibbs and Marshall himself on the hook. My excitement for the CD as climbed from a 2 to a 5 so lets see what Jeezy brings to the table… its been a while.

4. Drake ft. YG, Snoop Dogg & Nipsey Hussle – The Motto (LA Remix)
The LA boys had to come in throw some Cali Swagg on this track (as said by J.Waves). Keeping Drizzy on the hook with some smooth verses by some of the best from the West Coast ( YG, Snoop & Nipsey). Cant help but to nod your head to it… good driving music.

5. Joe Budden ft. Emanny – She Don’t Love Me
Soon to be on Budden Stan status… Joe once again drops some lyrical fire. It’s starting to seem to easy for him which doesn’t seem fair. One of those tracks you have to play three times in a row to catch everything he’s saying. Dope beat, dope lyricist!


Well hope you enjoyed this weeks edition because I’m not making any promises for next week. I will be in Vegas (God willing) Watching The Throne but maybe I’ll find some time in between my yard cups of long islands… Be safe out there and happy holidays.

The Weekly Cinco: Andre 3k, Jay-Z, Joe Budden, Jeezy, Mary J Blige, Nas, Rihanna & More

by DG

Hello world… We had a lot of good music drop this week from Nas, Jeezy, B.o.B, Slim Thug, Hov, Joe Budden and even have another Biebs freestyle. So if you wanna take a break from Take Care and Camp, here are a few of my favorites from the week.

1. Mary J Blige ft. Nas – Feel Inside
A very refreshing track from Mary’s upcoming album, this song features the one and only Nasir Jones. With Mary’s vocals and Nas’s smooth delivery, this makes for a cant miss..

2. Young Jeezy feat Jay-Z, Andre 3000 – I Do
The hottest song I’ve heard from the man Jeezy in a while… features Hov and  3 stacks. Don’t really need to say much about this one, you see who’s on it….. LISTENING TO THIS TRACK!!

3. Joe Budden – Quality of Life
Budden one of the few artist that seems to never disappoint. He drops some new fire from his upcoming mixtape Feature Presentation. If your not a fan of his music you really are missing out, the man is a straight beast.

4 (Pt.1) B.o.B feat Bun B, Big K.R.I.T – 5 on The Kush
Three of the South’s best artists on one track, chopped up hook, well done beat. Enough Said…. “5 on the kush 20 on the dranks

4 (Pt.2) Slim Thug ft. Paul Wall, Bun B – Creepin
Slim Thug is one of my favorite down south rappers drops some new heat with fellow Texas artists Paul Wall and Bun B. “Look who creepin, look who crawling still balling in the mix” Yes they are.

5. Rhianna ft. Jay-Z – Talk That Talk
Title from Rhianna’s upcoming album gets a dope verse from Hov. I should probably be more focused on Rhianna’s portion of the song, but Hov’s verse was just that good the man has not lost a step. “I be trying chill bicthes wanna fuck me, every little city i go…. fuck me

Well hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition. Like us on FB, follow us on Twitter and always keep it one hunnid (birdman voice).


Bonus: Is all for the Biebs – DWYCK Freestyle
You Rappers better be watching your back… the Biebs is coming.

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The Weekly Cinco: All Drake Everything

by DG

Since Drake’s sophomore album Take Care being released tomorrow, I decided to do The Weekly Cinco as a tribute to the album and give my opinion on Drake as an artist. First off, I wanna admit I was a so called “Drake hater” after his debut album Thank Me Later was released. I always respected the man’s rap skills and thought he could flow better than most, but the thing that made me shy away from him was his R&B (slow songs). I always felt he should of stuck to rapping and stopped singing. Yes you could’ve called me ignorant, immature, narrow minded, what have you; and you would have been right. I wouldn’t even let the track get to the first verse without hitting the next button if it wasn’t an uptempo beat… So after opening my horizons a bit, maybe some maturing along the way, I decided to listen to all the tracks on this new album, even going back to Thank Me Later and hearing the album all the way through. My perspective on him changed drastically from a good rapper, to a very talented artist who has his own style an makes music his way. With that said and my confession out the way, here’s a few of my favorite tracks from Take Care….

Cameras/Good Ones Go

Over My Dead Body

Underground Kingz

Look What You’ve Done


Below is the post we did on Drake’s summer run a month or so back…

On October 24th November 15th, Drake is set to release his sophomore album Take Care. In preparation for the project he has released songs throughout the summer and gained more buzz with each one. It all started when DJ Khaled dropped “I’m On One” which many considered to be the summer’s official anthem. Drake wrote and vocally dominated the song and it began the type of run you don’t see too often. In an age where music is let go daily and forgot about hourly, he somehow managed to stay constant and put out good music consistently. Without an album or mixtape, Drake maintained his relevancy in a summer that seen dozens of mixtapes and albums from some of the games biggest stars such as; Beyonce, Big Sean, Game, Jay-Z & Kanye & Lil Wayne. Let’s take a look at how he did it below…

The first solo joint from Drizzy served as a warning to anyone that may have overlooked him. At the time many of us thought he took shots at the throne with lines like, “And I feel like lately I went from top 5 to remaining 5. My favourite rappers either lost it or they aint alive.” Looking back I still feel as if it was directed at Hov & Ye.

Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy

When he released this song the web blew up and it was the topic of discussion for a week or two (which is a long time in the era of trending topics). Everyone that had a voice put out a remix to the song and everyone that had an ex sent the “I’m just sayin, you could do better.” text.

Drake – Marvin’s Room

He basically took “I’m On One” and showed us what he would have done with it if it was his own. In the second verse he showcased his flow and dropped a bunch of ‘facebook status’ worthy lines that lived all summer long.

Drake – Trust Issues

This was the first official song that would be on Take Care. I don’t think it is what anyone expected and probably was the weakest effort of the summer. After a few listens it started to grow on me but I think it will be better in the context of an album.

Drake – Headlines

The highly anticipated Carter IV was due and Wayne really didn’t have a strong single other than “How to Love” which had been out for sometime then he dropped this. It isn’t a HUGE record but this will serve as every club and strip joint anthem for while to come.

Lil Wayne ft. Drake – She Will

Out of no where he released 2 songs (plus a remix) in one night. In typical Drake fashion; they described the strip club life. It feels as if he is deeper into his Toronto night-life roots on these, which is a good thing for anyone that remembers Comeback Season.

Waka Flocka ft. Drake – Round Of Applause

Drake – Club Paradise

Drake ft. Rozay – Free Spirit (Prod. by 40)

And here we are… A month after Watch The Throne dropped, a couples weeks after Carter IV did a million in 7 days, a week or two away from J Coles debut and Drake is still the center of attention. If these songs are any indication of what the album will sound like then we might be in for something special. Until then… “take care.”

“We been gone… your girlfriend will be reading my next blog.” – DG

Extra: Some other songs that Drake were apart of this summer… Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone | Future ft. Drake – Tony Montana

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The Weekly Cinco: 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Birdman/Mack Maine, Immortal Technique & Nipsey Hussle

by DG

Due to the overload of music that dropped, we’re going do something a little different this week. It would be pretty much impossible to listen to all of it and narrow it down to only 5 songs. Instead, I’m giving you the top 5 mixtapes this week, which was still a difficult task with everyone dropping in the span of a couple days. (These are not in order).

 Immortal Technique – The MartyrImmortal Technique has a good one here… I only had a chance to listen to the the tape in it’s entirety once. A few songs go the |

2 Chainz – T.R.U REALigion2 Chainzzzzz!!!! Haha I just really enjoy yelling that out loud at random times. Usually not a big fan of this type of rap, however Chainz has a very unique style. Combines good lyrics and catchy hooks with clever punchlines that will make you literally “LOL” in the middle of your workout and have everyone in the gym looking at you like your crazy. Tape includes some big name features from Big Sean to T.I….. “Three cell phones and I still dont never call her” – 2 Chaiinnnzzzz

Birdman an Mack Mane – Billionaire MindsOnly skimmed through this; couldn’t listen to the whole thing alone with headphones (got bored). Need a car full of my boys jumping around like Wacka Flocka on the way to club with high hopes of getting at some slim tenders to enjoy this. From what I heard, it’s  just usual Birdam rap. I mean talking about all the cars he owns, basically naming items he has or wants to purchase. Of course there’s some Weezy and Drake appearances..

Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon ContinuesNipsey drops a new mixtape and it’s not too shabby. Listenable from first track to the last; seems Nipsey has hit his climax unfortunately..

A$AP Rocky – Live.Love.A$APWOW! Asap really impressed me with this one; by far my favorite. Just listen to it and find out for yourself. If your’e only going to download one, make it this one.

Well thats it for this week… I think I need to get some country on my ipod before I OD from hip-hop. Hope you all enjoyed till next week.

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The Weekly Cinco: Cory Mo, DJ Premier, Pusha T, Wale & Young Chris

by DG

Shout to Gibson for holding it down last week with a good remix edition. There really wasn’t much this week that I could say I really liked besides the Nas joint with Dj Premier (now that was some good music). We did get the title track from Wale’s album dropping in a few days, some Pac Div and more. Hope you enjoy; let’s go…


1. Young Chris ft. Fred the God Son & Vado – Triple Threat
Was pretty impressed by all three of these artists, all of which went IN on this track. Sounds like a modified sample of the “Nas is coming” in the back round. Good beat could hear plenty layers of different sounds, produced very well. Overall good track. Got to love tracks that don’t need a Hook..


2. Cory Mo ft. Talib Kweli, Killer Mike & Mitchelle ‘I – Getting to the Money
The intro got me alone, hit play an i definitely didn’t expect this. For some reason was expecting something more relaxed an chill, this is the opposite. Good track really makes you wanna “Get to the Money”. Hearing Talib spit is always refreshing, recommend for sure..


3. Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of
Another dope track from a very dope artist, I wont hold my breath for the album to come out. However until then he’s at least dropping dope tracks like this one. Push T, no need to say much more. Listen to this Track..


4. Wale ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill – Ambition
MMG Boys got a hold of another good beat/ track with this one. The hardest working group in hip hop as of late, releases the title track for Wale’s new album “Ambition”. Has a good hook, Meek did his thing on the track and Ross is well just another Ross verse huuhhhhhh. Good luck to Wale on his album, one of the dopest doing it..


5. DJ Premier ft. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra – Regeneration
Just an incredible fusion of music, something only the great Nasir Jones could do maybe a Jay-Z maybe. As my boy DG said in the blog Lil Wayne needs to get the I Am Music tattoo removed asap! This is real music, throw on some headphones an appreciate it.. Nas, Prem and a Symphony enough said!!


BONUS: Pac Div ft. Ashor Roth – Useless
Honestly I’ve been sleeping on the boys Div too long, that long nap as officially ended. Along with Ashor they murder this track…
WHHOOOAAAA!!!!!! Listen to the track an you’ll get it…


Well hope you enjoyed this weeks edition. I need to get back to my SportsCenter. I’m still trying to figure out how the Rangers managed lose last night; come on man!!! Hope ya’ll have a good Halloween, till next week…


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The Weekly Cinco: The Return of the King

by DG

The man behind The Weekly Cinco (D-Lop) is currently, somewhere on a beach in Mexico wandering aimlessly and unable to properly search for a future baby mother due to blurry vision caused by the excessive amount of alcohol he has consumed. So basically… he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing while in Mexico. In the meantime, I decided to remix this week’s Weekly Cinco because I haven’t listened to much music and I haven’t liked the songs that I did hear. TI has made his return (for the 3rd time) in a major way by releasing his book, putting out music, doing interviews and hitting the clubs.

1. Tip came out of prison doing what he does best… music. Instead of randomly hopping on songs, he collabed with the hottest artists in the South. After that was completed, he jumped on “Niggas in Paris” then finally released something of his own.

  • Future ft. TI – Magic (Remix)
  • Young Jeezy ft. T.I. – F.A.M.E.
  • T.I. ft. Big K.R.I.T. – I’m Flexin
  • 2 Chainz ft. T.I. – Spend It (Remix)
  • T.I. – Niggas In Paris
  • T.I. ft. Pharrell – Here Ye, Hear Ye


2. Clifford wrote his first novel while locked down. I’m not a fan of street literature but I might have to give this a read. You can pick it up here.

3. Just when we thought everything was on the up and up, this happened. Diddy acted like he was worth half a billi and TI acted like he was fresh out of prison, so they both were doing what they were supposed to be doing… no harm done.

4. In attempts to make this comeback a successful one, he inked a deal with Hip-Hop Since 1978, who also manages the likes of Kanye, Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Jeezy & Just Blaze. Strong move…

5. After releasing a book and new music then inking a management deal he wrapped up the week by hitting all the major radio stations.

  • The Peoples Station
  • The Breakfast Club
  • The Morning Show w/Sway
  • Funkmaster Flex

Hopefully Clifford can stay out of trouble and continue releasing the music we all love. Barring any run-ins with the Mexican Drug Cartel, D-Lop will be back next week with the usual. Until then, visit our New Music section for your fix.

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The Weekly Cinco: Nas, Don Trip, Jay Electronica, Slaughterhouse & Curren$y

by J.Waves

Heres The Weekly Cinco. Some good music to listen to on the way to the club, bar, gym, church, or wherever you’re headed to this weekend. This week was hard to narrow it down to only 5 so if i missed a couple I apologize, maybe my boy Gibson will throw in his extra song after reading what I have.. Here we go.

1. Slaughterhouse- The Illest
Maybe my favorite track of the week, the title of the song says it all they are the ILLEST. With a B.I.G sample on the hook, this song showcases the best hip-hop group out right now..


2. Nas feat Rick Ross- Its a Tower Heist
Nasir Jones is back, honestly I couldn’t be happier. His lyrical ability is second to none, good song featuring Ross an his usual flow. Kind of wish the track would of been just Nas alone, but some Nasir Jones is better than none.. Hope this is just a small taste of how dope his album will be. Nasty Nas!


3. Don Trip- Die Slow
He is well over due to blow up! Obviously has the talent just needs more exposure, an looks like he will be getting it. Don Trip comes in on this track with his raw, story telling, gritty style. A very unique mix…. you can hear the hunger in this mans voice.


4. Jay Electronica feat Mobb Deep- Call of Duty (MW3)
Finally a new song (full song) by Jay Elec, didn’t disappoint. I would say it was worth the wait, but man that was a long ass wait! Featuring Mobb Deep this is a nice joint, keep them coming Jay.. Roc Nation, Cole World its a rap dog, put your diamonds in the sky take that.


5. Curren$y- Corvette Doors
Just a very smooth jazzed up beat, something only the young spitta could flow too. Throw this in the whip cruise around an dream about shutting corvette doors yourself..

Enjoy, very good lyrical hip-hop this week. Have a blessed weekend, till next week WBG.

Waves’ Extra: Pac Div – The Greatness
No I.D. comes through and blesses Pac Div with an amazing beat and for the second straight week provides us with bonus song of the week.

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The Weekly Cinco: DJ Drama, Don Trip, K- OS & Nipsey Hussle

by DG

Leaves fall as the season turns but the music stays the same… welcome to The Weekly Cinco. Hope everyone had a wonderful week and you should enjoy the top 5 this time around. Got some cuts from Rozay and Drama’s albums, Cole & Breezy together, Don Trip, NIpsey Hussle and some Drizzy Drake Rodgers to top it off.


1. DJ Drama ft. J.Cole & Chris Brown – Undercover
As Drama’s release date approaches he let’s this go as his 3rd single. Not one of my favorite Cole verses, but I have to throw in a song for the ladies every now and then. So ladies this ones for you… Chris Brown and J.Cole enough said.


2. Rick Ross – I Love My B*tches (Prod. by Just Blaze)
Rozay has been working hard this past year, dropping hits after hits along with his MMG cohorts. This one might be my favorite of his recent work… probably due to the AMAZING job by Just Blaze! Well put together; Ross showcases his flow over a classic beat. Rumors say, Justin Blaze has a lot of projects in the works including songs with Drizzy. If you know me you know I Love My B*tches so this may be my new anthem…


3. Don Trip ft. Wale & Starlito – Imma Mess
One of the best artist few have heard of and one of my favorite rappers team up to come through with a hit. First getting my attention almost a year ago with Letter to My Son, Don Trip instantly got me looking for more music by him. Teaming up with Wale an Starlito on this song is a very good combo. Keep an ear out for him. DON(T) TRIP….


4. Nipsey Hussle – Forever on My Fly Shit
Nipsey has seen some success over the years, but I’ve never understood why he hasn’t blown up. Hopefully with this new track and album coming out soon he’ll get his shot.


5. K-OS ft. Drake – Faith Pt.2
Along with Rozay, Drake has been on his grind as of late; coming in more aggressively. K-OS adds a nice mellow tone to this song making it a joint to ride out to. Let’s hope Aubrey keeps it up, looking forward to his album; I wasn’t a big fan of his last one…


Well that’s that. I have to get back to washing my car… thank goodness for wireless tethering. Leave your comments below; good or bad and till next week, keep it moving.



DG’s Extra: Common – Blue Sky (Prod. by No I.D.)

The Dreamer, The Believer is almost upon us and judging by this right here, he hasn’t lost a step. I thought he was finished after he fell victim to Erykah Badu’s box but he bounced back. His project will be heavily produced by Yeezy’s teacher, No I.D.

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Mixtape: Change For A 20 – September 2011

by DG

So we decided to take the songs from The Weekly Cinco and turn it into a mixtape at the end of every month. Tracklist and download below… s/o to D-Lop.

  1. Intro
  2. Money On The Floor – Big K.R.I.T. ft. 2 Chainz & 8Ball & MJG
  3. Love, Hate, Love – 50 Cent
  4. Bonfire – Childish Gambino
  5. Never See You Again – DJ Drama ft. Talia Coles & Wale
  6. Eye Therapy
  7. Free Spirit – Drake ft. Rick Ross
  8. Best Night Ever – Wale ft. Kevin Cossom & Rick Ross
  9. Mr. Nice Watch – J. Cole ft. Jay-Z
  10. Enjoy – 9th Wonder ft. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar
  11. New Music
  12. Act II Rough Demo – Jay Electronica
  13. Black Soul – Gilbere Forte ft. Big K.R.I.T.
  14. You – Evidence
  15. Watch Me – Deon
  16. Don’t Fuck With Me – Pusha T
  17. Epic – B.o.B. ft. Playboy Tre & Meek Mill
  18. Dollar And A Dream III – J. Cole
  19. Outro

Download: Link

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The Weekly Cinco: 50 Cent, 9th Wonder, Gilbere Forte, Phonte & Pusha T

by DG


What a great week in music! Cole dropped, 9th Wonder dropped and the boy DG got me on Phonte’s new album, so you can blame my laziness on those releases. I didn’t pay much attention to any other music but I still have 5. I could easily choose them all from Cole’s album but I’m keeping him out of it this week.  It’s going be a fast one because I have to get back to Phonte… let’s go.

1. Gilbere Forte ft Big K.R.I.T- Black Soul

Gilbere is a beast and will be a star. Krit is on a mission to bring southern music back to the game. Put these two together and you get a good song with that country black soul feel.


2.50 cent- Love, Hate, Love
Fifty is back!!! …well at least the bully of hip-hop is back; not one of the best songs 50 ever made. Actually just an average 50 track, but still a must listen too for the week. The reason being; the shots hes giving – including at Weezy F Baby (F is for Fifty dissed me) and the women’s pants he be rocking. Its bout time someone did!


3. 9th Wonder feat. Warren G, Murs & Kendrick Lamar- Enjoy
I heard this song just minutes after I made last weeks edition so it had already been signed, sealed an delivered. It was too late then so here it is now. Good riding music – including 9th wonder, Warren G (that’s right Warren G) and the young spitta Lamar. As the name of the track says… sit back and ENJOY.


4. Pusha T- Dont Fuck With Me
One of my favorite artist who is signed to one of my favorite artist (isn’t it ironic?). Pusha is a monster; straight kills Aubrey’s song. Sounds like it’s a diss song but I don’t exactly know who it’s directed to. Rumors say he’s taking shots at Drizzy but I’m not here to speculate or start rumors. So to whomever it to, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t mess with Pusha… 10/15/2011. G.O.O.D Music


5. Phonte- Charity Stars at Home the whole album
Still finishing the album as I type, so didn’t think it was fair for me to just choose one track without finishing the album at least three times over. Very soulful beats on a well put together album. I would like to give my boy DG some props for putting me on it. Without it, I’d still be listening to Cole World and wouldn’t have reviewed this Phonte for another two weeks. This album should definitely get some spin in your playlist. Listen….


Well that’s it… I have to get back to my Zen green tea an this Charity Stars.. Keep it Moving.
Till Next week. D-Lop


DG’s Extra: Childish Gambino – Bonfire

You may recognize him from playing Troy on the NBC sitcom, Community. He might be a comedian but when it comes to these raps, Gambino ain’t playing. I would describe as being a punch-line rapper but his bars are heavy. If you’re a fan of the ‘pre-gutair Wayne’ I suggest you give this a spin.

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The Weekly Cinco: Big K.R.I.T, B.o.B, Deon, J. Cole & Wale

by DG

Hello world, hope yall had a good week. Its that time again… second edition of my weekly Top 5. Had to step out of my comfort zone a little this time around; found an R&B song i really enjoyed by a new artist. Also have some new hits from B.O.B, MMG, Deon, Big K.R.I.T, and of course with The Sideline Story being leaked, I  had to choose one track from Cole.


1.Big K.R.I.T feat. 8Ball & MjG and 2Chains- Money On The Floor
K.R.I.T; a rising star in the game brought his A game on this track. It has an old school down south feel that I haven’t heard in a while. Adding 2 Chainz and his unique word play, along with 8ball & MJG is simply a recipe for a down south hit. Grab your styrofoamand enjoy..


2. Deon- Watch Me
One of the few R&B songs I’ve enoyed recently… brought to my attention by my sisters telling me, “You have to hear this guy.”  So I listened and was pleasantly surprised. Mostly for the ladies, but it also speeds it up a little with a nice flow. I would definitely keep an ear out for this young man; not hard to tell he is very talented….

3. Wale feat. Kevin Cossom & RIck Ross- Best Night Ever

Another hit from the MMG boys. Wale spits his fire as usual. Good hook… Ross comes in an adds a verse to it. Song is a little short; could of maybe used another verse. Overall it’s not a bad song,  especially when you listen to it in the morning while recapping the moments of the previous night.


4. B.o.b feat Meek Mill & Playboy Tre- Epic
Bobby Ray sets it off from the jump. Comes in with his powerful/explosive delivery. Adding in Meek and Playboy to this beat just makes for a banger. Highly recommend… who needs a hook when you have this combo.


5. J.Cole- Dollar and a Dream III
J.Cole drops another song from the “Dollar and a Dream” series (the second best of the three in my opinion). In a series which I believe will go on throughout his entire career. It’s easy to tell he didn’t relax when he got a deal. You could still hear the same hunger in his voice that he had in the first edition of the series. Good lyrics, good beat, good concept; all adds to a good song. Mr Dollar and a Dream, we may have a classic on our hands come 9/27.. Stay tuned..


Hope you enjoy, feel free to lend your thoughts.
Till next week

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The Weekly Cinco: DJ Drama, Drake, Evidence, J. Cole & Jay Electronica

by DG

Here we go; first edition of my weekly top 5 hip-hop songs. Finally heard some new music from Evidence, a little Jay Electronica an of course J.Cole and Hov dropped their Mr.Nice Watch…


1. Evidence- You (Prod. Dj Premier)

One of a few songs dropped recently by Evidence (of dilated people) from his new CD, Cats an Dogs set to release later this month. This is a very nice refreshment of what hip-hop is lacking now a days. Very refreshing soulful beat with clever and witty lyrics, prod by Premier himself. Highly recommend.


2. Jay Electronica- Act II Demo

Finally some new music from Jay Electronica, came out strong then seemed to be in limbo leaving us waiting for some new music. And we get this, seems to be only a rough version so just a little teaser. However better than nothing. WERE WAITING ELECTRONICA!!!


3. Dj Drama feat. Talia Coles, Wale- Never See You Again

A Decent song, glad Wale had more than just one verse on the track or wouldn’t of made the list. More I hear it more I like it, something different. Maybe something you an your girl could agree to listen to in the car. Little something for both sides.


4. Drake feat Rick Rozay Ross- Free Spirit (Prod. By 40)

Another good collabo from Drizzy and Ross, I’m beginning to like this combination the more I hear them together. Produced by best friend 40, which in my opinion gets the best out of Drake. He continues his aggressive attitude as he has through the summer. Take Care should be a much better album than Thank Me Later. Just remember The Throne is not for the taking…


5. J Cole ft. Jay-Z – Mr. Nice Watch (Dirty)

J.Cole an HOV, pretty much speaks for itself……. However then I wouldn’t be doing my job. Cole World does not disappoint, finds a way to combine his lyrical style with a (radio) song without dumbing it down too much. Very different beat from what were used to by Cole but different is not bad.  Jay comes through with the last verse, an seems to intentionally take a back seat to his young phenom letting him enjoy the spotlight. “What up Cole, its your time let these niggas know. Adjust your rolly on these hoes, whenever you ready GO!” … 9-27-201…


Hope you enjoy. Till next friday

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