Increase Your Cool: Happy Hour Apps, Internet Explorer & MOPvideo

by DG

1. Watch TV On MOPvideo

The latest nights are my greatest nights and the sun is up when I get home, that’s just a way of life. If you’re anything like me, you aren’t on the couch during primetime hours and usually miss the best shows. Fret not my friends with no DVR. Online streaming is the best thing since yoga pants and MOPvideo is just one of the thousands, but it’s simple and up to date so it’s the one I use the most. Upgrade your internet and downgrade your cable.

2. Stop Using Internet Explorer

When someone tells me their computer has a virus my first question is “what browser do you use?” They reply by uttering the struggle that we know as internet explorer 100% of the time. My advice to you trapped in the 90′s niggas is download Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari; anything that doesn’t include that lowercase e. After you do that, come back to the gawd and get some dope add-ons. Add-ons are everything and I mean everything.

3. Happy Hour Apps

I drink by the motto that a 12 pack for the crib is better than a round for your friends, but it’s a different story when the tall glasses are only $2. Football season is upon us, so it’s the perfect time to start looking for specials and stop spending $24 on 4 beers. Happy Hour Finder, MPLS Drinker and NightOwl are a few of the apps that I know of but there’s more out there. Instead of shedding tears when you check your pocket the next morning you’ll have enough money to support your alcoholism and buy that 12 pack for the crib.

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Increase Your Cool: My Panera, Reading Books & Songza

by DG

1. Download Songza

Remember when your mom couldn’t get you the new game system until Christmas? All of your friends were playing Xbox 360 and you were at home holding that big ass controller. Follow the waves and stop getting stuck on the beach. Don’t be the lame at the gym that couldn’t finish a set because a Pandora ad came on. Songza is an online radio with the dopest set of playlists I’ve ever seen… well except mine. Download the app or visit the website and watch your life flourish in front of you.


2. Get Yourself A My Panera Card

First of all, you should start going to Panera if you don’t already. They have more room than Starbucks, free wifi, quiet areas, newspapers, good food and more shit grown folks like. Once you get initiated, you’ll add points with every purchase and receive offers every month. I went to Panera 10 times in the month of June and received 4 free coffees, 3 pastries and a breakfast bagel. Stop eating cereal in your ball shorts at the crib. Get out and fraternize with some rich white people over a cup of joe.


3. Read Some Books

I don’t know when it happened, but at some point it became cool to be stupid. A prophet named Cyhi The Prynce once said, “but every 365 bro, you get a little wiser and realize all that stupid shit was lame” and he was right. Just because you didn’t complete the required reading in high school doesn’t mean you can’t start now. Reading not only provides you with knowledge, but it increases your vocabulary which can go a long way when it comes to money and heauxs. Try it for 30 minutes a day and see how it impacts your life.

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