ill or chill?: Drinking Corona, Golfing & The Newsroom

by DG

Ill or chill? It’s simple as that. Either the shit you been doing is ill or it’s not and you gotta chill. In the words of the prophet Cyhi, “Every 365 bro, you get a little wiser and realize all that stupid shit was lame.


The Newsroom

If you were a fan of The West Wing or The Wire then you’ll dig The Newsroom. If you weren’t a fan of either of those shows then we can’t be friends, but that’s beside the point. It’s basically a show about the background politics of a news broadcast. It airs Sunday nights, so the “I don’t watch TV in the summer” argument is void because I know you dirty heathens don’t have shit to do on a Sunday night (unless you live in ATL).

Drinking Corona

Every time I go to a bbq or walk in a lounge, I see niggas holding a yellow bottle of struggle with the utmost confidence. I’ve let my friends get away with this for far too long. Walking around with a Corona is equivalent to holding hands with your new girl in the presence of 6 dudes that smashed before you did. Visit the beer freezer of your local LQ, grab something premium and chill on coppin that 18 pack of piss. However, Corona Rita’s are a different story…


This might be the only sport that I’m good with not being good at. Where else can you relieve stress, drink beer, bet and kick it with your boys? Actually there are a lot of places you can do that but the golf course is one. Get yourself a set of clubs, find some local specials at a course, grab an 18 pack and get out the house for a few hours.

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ill or chill?: BET, Love & Screencaps

by DG

The We Been Gone team cares about the kids. We just want to see everyone set goals and prosper in life. Certain fads and trends won’t allow that to happen, so we decided to lend are advice and let you know when something is ill or when you have to chill…



  • Screencaps

First of all… I’m gonna need someone to order Douglas J. a tall glass of water because the thirst displayed above is incredible. After that’s completed… I need someone with the arm of Aaron Rodgers to toss a first down ball of chill to the heaux that took this screencap. If you want nothing to do with a dude, then why would you give him your number? Even if he somehow MacGyver’ed your number from a mutual friends phone; why do you have him in your contacts? These heauxs are out here deleting their replies and playing their boyfriends just to get a retweet or a laugh out of the next dude. I feel strongly about this matter because if my girl screencapped the messages I’ve sent between the hours of 11pm and 3am after an argument I would look worse than a hungry Precious sitting in Popeye’s drive thru with 7 cars in front of her… and that’s word to my last blog.



  • BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

I don’t support BET but I will be watching the show via an illegal stream next Tuesday (mostly because I don’t have cable). The hip-hop cypher is something that was basically lost in the ipod shuffle after rappers discovered the web, so I do credit BET for bringing it back. The lineups this year are probably the best so far with the likes of MMG, Luda & Busta, Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Krit, Slaughterhouse & more.  I’ve also heard Joe Budden took some shots at The Throne… The illest part about it is our first interviewee, Nitty Scott, MC will grace our television sets this year.



  • Relationships

Don’t let these rappers fool you when they tell you that’s it “money over bitches” because they make money off of the people that buy into that then go home and spend it on their wives. 3 years after Jay-Z told us, “I don’t love em, I f-ck em, I don’t chase em, I duck em” he went a put a ring on Beyonce‘s finger. Hitting the club every Thursday through Sunday in attempts to land something STD free is not that life… ya’ll can have that. Being in a relationship with the woman I love is the illest thing I’ve ever been apart of. Winter cuffing season is approaching so while you at home with a ‘I don’t loves these heauxs‘ mentality I’ll be under the blankets, watching re-runs of Entourage with my queen.