Where Did It Go Wrong: The Reasons My Car Stereo Was Stolen

by DG

One morning Leroy (the old black man upstairs) knocks on my door to tell me my car window is broken out. 2 months later, I run into my apartment for no longer than a DJ Khaled hook only to come back to no stereo. 3 months after that, I swag out of the J Cole concert with the up-most confidence and find an empty parking spot where my truck used to be. After a month of snacking on pride from bus stop to the bus stop, my truck was recovered but my stereo is still absent. While riding to the tunes of my thoughts I find myself asking when did it go wrong? Come ponder this topic with me below.

  • Was it because I played Waka Flocka more than Lupe Fiasco?
  • Did God decide that I listened to too much music sponsored by the Illuminati?
  • Did the thief want the Drake album that was in my stereo so bad that he took the entire deck?
  • Could it have been a rapper that sends struggle music in e-mail’s to us everyday with no response?
  • Was it all my illegally downloaded so… hold up. You know the feds listening, nigga whats songs?
  • Did the Ghost of Tupac get upset with me for playing too much Ja Rule?
  • Did the goons hear me riding to Adele and mark me as an easy target?
  • Should I not have listened to “Maybach Music” because I don’t have a maybach?

As the Miami Prophet Richard Rozay would say, only “Lord knows, Lord knows.

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