Just My Thoughts: College Girls, Jeggings & Baby Jesus

by DG

1. Girls Wearing Heels On Campus

Why do college girls wear heels on campus? Everyday I see females maneuvering past the cobblestone in giuseppe’s and tight dresses with backpacks headed to a 1000 level course that they are close to flunking. Most of them didn’t do their homework because they spent those precious hours standing in front of the mirror in hopes of changing what they see. Why should I have to block out the sound of 6 inch designs pacing down the hall when all I want to do is take notes? Instead of letting me be great, you ‘taller than you really are females’ distract my male professors with your legs and kill my sense of smell with your perfume. I wouldn’t mind if I had class on Friday at 11 pm but I don’t so you shouldn’t treat the classroom like the club. Fellas… stop encouraging these broads.

2. Lil Wayne Going Plat In A Week

How did a million of you roll over and turn off your alarm, get ready, catch last night’s top 10 plays, eat a half-healthy meal, step outside, get into your car (or swipe your RTD pass), drive to the nearest music store, reach into your pocket and pull out hard earned money to purchase the Carter IV? Ok I get it; you’re fan and I understand that because I was too… but after he slithered across my TV screen wearing the jeggings of a 14 year old girl, all bets were off. Did you actually believe that a self proclaimed “grown ass blood” who wears women’s girl pants would have something important to say? The truck driver who delivered the albums to Best Buy should have wrecked the minute Wayne skipped across the stage in skin tight leopard print. It’s bad enough you niggas supported him when he told you, “you damn right I kissed my daddy.” The days of using the “but he got a baby by Lauren London” line are over. Fathers please raise your sons.

3. Hov and Bey Having A Baby

Sometime in the next 8 months, Beyonce will give birth to Jesus Hendrix Gates King Jr. IV and the world as we know it will never be the same. Think about it… Jay-Z grew up in Marcy projects and became the most successful hip-hop artist ever. If he could get “92 bricks back” and get Beyonce to marry his 41 year old ass at the age of 28  then his son should be able to take Michelle from Barack to be a side chick, force Halle Berry to actually date a black man, impregnate every woman that did a cameo on Entourage and be the first man ever to live out Young Money’s “Every Girl.” In the meantime; he probably will surpass the Beatles, put Denzel to shame and become the first nigga president.

Today’s Theme Music: Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 101

I really want to lie to you and tell you I had a reason for picking this song but I don’t. In case you were wondering, it’s possible that @JustynWaves took that photo of Jeezy last year at the BP3 concert but I know my way around photoshop so I took the credit for it. Remember these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree you ain’t shit and I mean that in the most sincere way. It’s time for me to go see if my check engine light has came on yet because I’m 1,000 miles past due on an oil change. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

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Just My Thoughts: 3 Things You Should NOT Listen to After a Breakup

by DG

Do you see the look on Yeezy’s face up there? That’s the same dude who produced “The Takeover.” He once chopped up a Maybach with his buddy Hova just to spin cookies with 3 slim tenders in the backseat. Even though he got his “money right” and we “Can’t Tell Him Nothing” he still couldn’t avoid the PTSD after his relationship was over. The heartbreak he experienced from a breakup caused him to sing drunken thoughts over 808′s 12 times and call it an album. It made him think it was ok to share a bottle of Hennessy with Joe Jackson and snatch the mic from a 17 year old white girl at the MTV awards. This nigga even thought he could slander the President of the United States on national television and get away with it. If a woman could do that to a man who makes millions to talk shit on dope beats; what do you think she could do to you and I? If you want to prevent this from happening to you, I suggest you scroll down.

1. Your Friends

Ladies, these are the same people who acted fake happy when they seen that little heart on their FB newsfeed saying you went from “single” to “in a relationship.” Don’t let the “I’m here for you” and “you deserve better” text messages fool you. They don’t want to see you prosper… they just need a friend to introduce to the basketball team for more cool points. When they tell you things like, “you’re single and it’s time to have fun,” they really mean “let’s get drunk and tag teamed.” Taking advice from your friends in a time of hurt can lead you down the path of no return. After 42 shots of Patron and 6 different guys named Jamal over the span of a month; the walls that used to be furnished with vacation pictures of you and your beaux will now look like ground zero. The only man that would marry a woman with a body count higher than Chicago still has braids and wears jean shorts. Do NOT listen to your friends if you ever want to wear the color white on your wedding day.


2. Lil Wayne – I’m Single

I once dragged this into my itunes after breaking up with my girl and bounced around my apartment like Waka Flocka with his head cut off. Three minutes into the song I realized that she dumped me and might be listening to the same song. I grew a full beard and lost my edge up in less than 24 hours. After being sent to voicemail for an entire night, I picked up smoking and filled my lungs with the struggle of Black & Mild’s as I walked down the street in a winter jacket, basketball shorts and construction boots. If you want to avoid the sounds of junior high school girls driving by and laughing at you, then you should go put this song in your recycle bin right now because you may very well be single one day.


3. Voicemails

The only thing worse than being sent to voicemail is replaying the old ones that were sent to you. Throughout the course of your relationship, you pressed 9 every 21 days just to listen to the new one she sent you. Hearing her say, “baby I love you, call me when you get this,” only makes you want to call her. It will be a disaster if you do this from your dark living room while drinking the cheapest malt liquor struggle you can buy. The digits *86 are gateway numbers that lead to her number. After kicking you to the curb like Will’s friend Jazz, you are the last person she wants to see on her incoming calls list. The more you call, the less she wants to talk and that’s word to the 58 missed calls my girl got the last time she tried to break it off with me.


Today’s Theme Song: Jay-Z – Bitches and Sisters

If you don’t want to take game from me, then listen to the man that married then impregnated the beautiful creature that we know as Beyonce Knowles. Remember young bucks, the first line of defense is always knowing the difference between a heaux and a housewife. Some of the best music comes from heartbroken artists so I’ll probably send the picture above to Wiz and Kanye until they block me on twitter. Anyways, these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree I hope your girl answers the phone while she’s bonin her co-worker in the break room. It’s time for me to call my queen and tell her I love her before I have to take the advice I just gave you. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

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Just My Thoughts: The Struggle That Shouldn’t Live In 2012

by DG

It’s that time of the year again. All the heauxs that went through with last years resolution will be leaving their man and the ones that didn’t will be making the same resolution in attempts to get a man. The Ciroc will be flowing through the veins of young savages hoping to find a lost little tender. Every aspiring rapper will claim the year is his and every single single mother will claim her nieces and nephews on her taxes. With this struggle approaching, D-Lop decided to do his part and hopefully help the world by making a list of the things to leave in 2011…

  • Jersey Shore: Sammy & Ron will fight, Mike will go crazy, Pauly will get heauxs, J-Wows titties will grow and the Meatballs will get their meat touched… same shit
  • Skinny Jeans: your jeans should not be tighter than your girls. If you’re still in high school; depending on your grades, you might get a pass
  • sPelLiNg liKe tHiS: come on now, not a good look
  • Skate Boarding: only if you weren’t boarding before Lil Wayne decided to
  • OPP (Other Peoples Problems): everyone of us has our own problems… this is for those who put themselves on blast for attention
  • Stans: there’s a thin line between being a fan and a Stan… the ones who go “kray” when someone on FB or Twitter say something bad about their artist
  • Face Tattoos: enough said
  • Tebow News: man I can’t even watch ESPN, all the Tebow talk makes me sick
  • Planking, Coning & Tebowing: no more people
  • Pretty Boy Swagg: that one Ed Lover quote
  • Hashtags on FB: this is not Twitter Dog! #JustSaying
  • Guilt Trips: stop feeling bad for yourself and take some responsibility
  • Miami Heat Hate: they’re winning a ring this year
  • Tip Going to Jail: time to stay out this time dog..
  • FML: really? If your alive, healthy and have time to be reading this blog, your life is obviously not that bad… be grateful for what you have!!
  • Lil Wayne, Weezy, Dr. Carter, Weezy F for Everything, etc: sorry man think its time to keep it moving…..
  • The Word SWAG: it’s SCHWAG now! lol
  • Snapbacks: Personally dont rock them or really have an issue with them, but everyone I told about this blog said i had to include them, in plus once Yeezy, Hov & Big Sean wore $500 ones… yeah
  • Gangsters: Just cause Wayne is a blood dont mean you are, doesn’t give you the right to throw up the “B” in every picture..
  • Male Mirror pics: A man shouldn’t be in his mothers basement restroom rocking shades blowing kisses in the mirror and taking pictures of himself


Today’s Theme Song:

CyHi The Prynce ft. Big Sean – Woopty Doo


One day we will all learn that just because Skillz dropped that wrap up and bowl games are being played, New Years isn’t anything but another day. When you wake up on the 1st, your check engine light will still be on and the memories of your girl giving road head to Kasey as you drove by will still be there. If your hairline was similar to Lebron’s in 2011, it will be worse in 2012. These are just the facts of life and the sooner you realize it, the more boring your holiday season will become. Anyways, these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree, I hope you blow .001 over the limit because you tasted that drink you bought for some girl that will never let you hit. It’s time for me to go open the fridge, freezer and cabinet… then repeat like some food will magically appear. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

She’s Got Style: Over The Knee Socks

by DG

I am obsessed with the trend of over the knee socks this season. I have seen a lot celebrities where them this fall, so I decided to put together a couple ideas on how to wear them. Check it out! =)

Here are some really cute pieces to pair with over the knee socks. I chose a flowy blouse and skirt with gold based jewelry to keep the over all outfit very feminine. The over the knee socks and the studded purse give it a sexy vibe.

This next outfit has more of an edgy side. I paired a leather jacket with a girly dress and a great multicolored scarf. The accessories are my favorite part. The army inspired booties, over the knee socks and the jewelry give the whole outfit the edgy side.

On both outfit ideas above I provided where you can purchase them. Look at those amazing prices!! Below are just a couple more ideas on how to wear your over the knee socks.

Don’t be afraid to try them ladies!!


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She’s Got Style: Hot For The Holidays

by DG

Kamri Markworth | stylebykamri.web.com

December has rolled around again for another holiday season. Besides the food, presents and cheerful music, there is one very important part of this month… Christmas parties. With Christmas parties comes the stress of finding the right outfit. Well no need to worry because I’m here to help!

One of the BEST parts of dressing up during the holiday season is the opportunity to play with sparkles and sequins. Here are some ways to blow all the other women out of the water at your holiday party.

Show your stuff in these amazing sequin and studded dresses. The focal point will be your dress, therefore all you need is great neutral colored shoes and jewelry.

If you’d rather be comfortable with a more subtle dress, try something with a silhouette similar to these. All of the dresses above are classic yet sexy and great for any Christmas party. Pair it with a great shoe and bold accessories and you’ll be turning heads!

Don’t wanna wear a dress? A great alternative is a sexy skirt. The best way to dress up a skirt is to pair it with a great top. Some great options are a cute knit top (pictured above) or a bold sequined top. Make sure to balance your outfit with only one sequined piece whether it be your top or skirt. Throw on some great accessories and shoes and your ready to go!

Like I always say, heels are what can make an outfit even more spectacular. Put on a pair of these and feel like a million bucks. There is just enough sparkle to balance out your outfit yet conservative enough not compete with it.

The last thing you need is accessories. A stunning clutch or a combination of statement jewelry are all pieces required for a fabulous holiday outfit. Check out these amazing finds!!

Hope this gave you ladies some ideas for your upcoming holiday parties!!


Dresses from left to right: Victoriasecret.com, Lulus.com, Victoriasecret.com

Second row of dresses: Lulus.com, Nordstrom.com, Victoriasecret.com

Skirts: Express.com

Shoes: Bakers.com, Lulus.com

Clutch’s: Kohls.com

Jewelry: Dillards.com, Macys.com

Dillards.com, Macys.com

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She’s Got Style: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie… Here I Come!

by DG

In the honor of my decision to move to Australia this coming January, I thought it would be a fun idea to highlight Aussie fashion in this blog! One of the best parts of visiting Australia was getting to see all the amazing fashion. Growing up in a small town, I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing fashion on a daily basis. While in Australia all I had to do was walk down the street and I would see ten different girls with ten different style and I loved it.

Australia had a very warm climate and a laid back lifestyle. Therefore the style you see girls wearing everyday is a reflection of that.

Cotton dresses and skirts are a very common style in Australian fashion because of the light and easy fabric. They have a great summer vibe and are great for mixing and matching. A lot of girls/women don’t just wear a regular sandal with this style. They pair a great ankle boot, heels, or an oxford flat. The choice of shoes and accessories are what make these outfits stylish!

Another great trend that I saw more than anything else was Grundge/Chic. Acid wash jeans, leather or jean jackets, and a great army boot are all things that can add the grundge side to any outfit. It is a blast putting opposite things together and making it look trendy.

My favorite part of the fashion in Australia was the high end fashion I saw. It took one simple stroll in downtown Sydney for me to realize that I loved this city. I looked to my left and saw Chanel and then to my right and saw Louis Vuitton… to say the least I was in love. As you can see, the two women above know how to dress. They are both wearing dresses but in completely different ways. The first girl paired a light pink tuxedo jacket with a black maxi dress. The second has a white form fitting cocktail dress on with an amazing pair of grey booties that have a white and green accent bow. A great pair of shoes can transform any outfit!

Aussie women aren’t afraid to dress for fashion and show it off. I am excited to be joining them. =)

I’ve also been researching some designers from Australia and I came across some great ones. If you want to check out any of their collections here are some links. Enjoy!

Sass & Bide | Akira Isogawa | Vogue 1 | Vogue 2


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She’s Got Style: Just Five More Minutes!!!

by DG

Kamri Markworth, stylebykamri.webs.com

I am certain I’m not the only one who loves to hit the snooze button about a million times every morning… right? Well, for all you sleepy heads out there who need that extra time, I am here to help your head. When I say “head” I mean your hair. Just because you got a few more minutes in doesnt give you an excuse to leave the house looking like you just rolled out of bed. There are plenty of ways to quickly tame your mane.


1. On the go curly

  • After you shower let your hair air dry for a while.
  • Apply mouse or gel to hold your curl.
  • Put your blow dryer on low and continue to scrunch your curls as you dry. (Don’t have to dry all the way)
  • You can either wear a ponytail after or leave your hair down for a wavy, curly look.


2. The “Lauren Conrad”

  • This is a simply and sweet way to get your hair out of your face.
  • Let hair air dry and curl small sections with a barrel curling iron.
  • Pull back small sections on each side of your part.
  • Either braid or just softly twist downward and hold in place with bobby pins.
  • Leave the rest of your hair down or you can pull into a loose, low ponytail.


3. Sleek cheerleader ponytail

  • A cute ponytail placed at the crown of your head has never gone out of style.
  • This can be a “skip a shower” hair style.
  • Apply a small bit of shine serum to your hair
  • Pull all your hair back and comb all the bump’s out
  • Pull tightly into a hair band and secure.
  • Apply a coat of hairspray to contain fly-away’s


4. The Infamous Messy bun

  • This is the easiest way to get out of styling your hair for the day, simply because it suppose to look somewhat messy!
  • This is another “skip a shower” style.
  • Comb hair back and secure with a hair band.
  • Shape into a bun and pull tight.
  • Hair outside of the band doesn’t have to look perfect either! How easy was that?


5. Three Barrel Crimp

  • Blow dry or air dry hair
  • Use the three barrel crimper to add some demension to your hair.
  • Its a quick and easy way to get out of straightening your hair!
  • Crimp hair in small sections starting from the top.
  • Only do the top two – three layers and leave the rest straight underneath. (or you’ll have serious 80s hair!)


6. Fishtail Braid

  • This is an easy yet different way to braid your hair!
  • Pull hair to the side you want your braid to sit.
  • Divide hair evenly in half.
  • Pull very small pieces from the outside of each section and pull to middle.
  • Combine that hair to the insdide of the same section you pulled it from.
  • Continue doing this until you get to the bottom and then secure with a hair band.
  • You should have a unique looking braid when finished.
  • It doesnt have to look perfect!

7. When in doubt… use accessories!

  • I love using hair accessories to vamp up my style!
  • Anything from head bands to hats can be an alternative way to make a plain poneytail or just tosseld hair look stylish.
  • Throw one of these on and head out the door in no time!

Well I hope this helped anyone who loves their snooze button more than most!

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Just My Thoughts: #DMs4Dummies by Gleams

by Gleams

You will come across the image above if you’re a regular on twitter, unless you are; 1. Scared of Private Interaction 2. allergic to opportunities 3. Alot more shit we’ll get into. DM’s can get you BOX, MONEY, and/or SPAM. People also gossip there too, but if you’re not a female participating in that extra curricular activity, you’re a faggot. Moving along tho, im not an expert nor novice but i kno a bit about the Direct Message Federation. Almost 200k tweets in, you think i spend ALL my time on the public TL ? lol ….


SPAM…it happens to all of us once or twice. Some nigga masturbating on his computer screen to dog porn will come across passwords and our account falls in their lap. They send out links swearing on their mothers life they’ll give u free apple products, penis enlargements and gift cards. If you click on the link instead of the report as spam button, you prolly eat anus sprinkled w/ adobo on it. This is the most simple form a DM will come in, just tell that person you follow to change their password or you’re unfollowing them.


U got the shorties who DM you all type of nasty shit JUST TO FLIRT, then you got the ones who wanna give you more than cyber box. U must learn the difference by using the RATIO SYSTEM…if shorty gives more #HeyBoo’s than she receives or always sounds like candy deep throat in her tweets, she prolly not serious. Now for the ones who can be taken serious, there are two types…the Thirst Buckets and the Thirst Trapists. Thirst Buckets might fuck around and save u the strategical effort and just throw u the box, You ca usually get their digits in 5-10 DM’s. Thirst Trapists will have u giving prequels to ya life story in 20 plus DM’s and still might front. Before you pull out the contraption to capture the ghost u gotta get in it in position, or else you gonna be wasting ammunition, and that’ll cost u.


Lastly, and more importantly…Business. If you have a chance to exploit twitter for things like promotion and or services that benefit, why wouldn’t you? IE: It took 1 DM convo to get me on stage rapping w/ Joe Budden ? DM’s are also where you can come up from pure struggle to sheer potential. Public TL is for promo and bait, the DM’s are where people hit you up when they’re interested beyond “followership” lol.


Respect the plug lol, but more importantly … That’s what i got for yall as far as Dm’s go. Type, Re-Read and Proofread before you hit “Send Message”. Whether you hittin up a hood booger for some box on a lonely late night cuz none of your go to’s answered their phone, or u talking to a person who could help you with your profession. Be precise and to the point so you don’t come across as spam and get reported as a canned “beef” faggot. Have patience wit the potential queens and avoid the thirst trapist’s, they’ll steal your soul and screencap your valiant efforts. Till next time, don’t be a new nigga … i’ll see yall on these internet streets, click my EP cover for swag.

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She’s Got Style: One Kardashian Gets It Right In My Book

by DG

Style Icon: One Kardashian gets it right in my book.

Kim Kardashian has been surrounded by a media frenzy following her recent divorce to Kris Humpheries. BUT in my opinion, Kourtney Kardashian is the most level headed and smart one. SO with that being said, I wanted to share how much I admire Kourtney’s taste in fashion.

Kourtney has a sophisticated, chic and fashion forward style. She isn’t afraid to show off her body or wear sky high heels. That is what enjoying being a woman is about… right?!? I love to watch what Kourtney wears to get idea’s for my own wardrobe. Here are some looks that I love!

Both of these looks are great because Kourtney has paired a bold skirt with a black shirt and heels. In the second look, she has black tights on as well as a red purse. She has balanced each look by wearing one bold colored piece with a neutral black.

Another part of Kourtney’s style that I love is her jackets. She knows how to pair great jackets with a variety of outfits and make them work! Both of these looks are chic and comfortable.

There is nothing I love more than a great over the knee dress. Kourtney is spotted a lot on the red carpet and around the city in dresses. She knows how to wear them in a sexy, yet appropriate way. In both of these looks she has worn just the right amount of accessories to compliment the dresses.

These last two look’s are what make Kourtney such an amazing style icon in my book. She is fashion forward and never afraid to wear sky high heels. Between the high waisted shorts and the yellow printed jumpsuit, Kourtney proves that high fashion can be worn every day. Plus… look at those AMAZING shoes!!

Hopefully you have been inspired by this tribute to Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion… I know I have!!!

Kamri Markworth, stylebykamri.webs.com

Editorial: Top 10 Cuffing Season Songs by Brandon

by douglass1991

This is my attempt to put together a list for the frozen months ahead. This is serious business so don’t expect to find the likes of the “Whisper Song” or “That Box” on this list. If you are lucky enough to find these songs useful, then you won’t go wrong with any of it. Passionate, soulful, and genuine; all of these songs will set the mood and keep it there. But don’t get mad at me when you throw some of these on and it doesn’t work out for you, because the music is on point so maybe you’re not. I should also make it clear that I’m trying to keep it relevant to my age. I would be in the wrong if I started talking about the Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye like I know because I don’t. I will talk about what I do know, and if you disagree with the list because of that… well Mr. Gibson and Mr. Waves have already kindly instructed you how to left click the crossed lines in the top corner. Here it is… my list of The Top Ten Love Makin’ Songs. Enjoy

10. My Body – Tank
I’m a big Tank fan; the dude can sing. This song is a little less sincere than the rest on the list… ”ohh all night I’ve been putting alcohol in your body.” Still you can’t help but feel what he’s saying. Good song, Tank does it right.

9. Movies – Ashanti
Surprise… I had to include a female artist on this list, but I didn’t do it out of guilt. This song does what its supposed to do. The track has a nice little beat and the lyrics fit. Good job Ashanti; of course.

8. So Anxious – Ginuwine
Ginuwine is just one of those names in R&B that catches your attention. The lyrics on this one are an improvement on the first male artist included and the singing is great. But you shouldn’t expect any less from him.

7. Sex Me – R. Kelly
The oldest song on this list; almost out of my age range, but there is no way I could make this list and not put some R. Kelly on here (pre-Dave Chappelle – “I Wanna Piss On You”). This is definitely R. Kelly at his best though… great song. Love that old beat too.

6. Nice and Slow – Usher
Come on man, if you don’t know this one get a hold of me so I can set you right.

5. The Love Scene – Joe
Joe is probably the most under-recognized R&B artist out there. He has made some classics, but this song in particular fits perfectly for the bedroom. Passion and conviction are especially apparent here; might sound corny but pretty damn true. (…and important if music is part of your mood setter).

4. I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz II Men
Personally, I’m a big Boyz II Men fan. Best R&B group ever (in my opinion), but aside from my bias this song is great. The title tells a lot and the one thing that these guys do better than almost anyone else is sing with a lot of passion. This song has plenty of that for you and your lady. (Check the remake on their new album too).

3. Nobody – Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat and Athena Cage together on this song makes for a real smooth sensual track. If you haven’t heard this song; add it to your bedroom playlist right now. It’s a must have with a great beat and some very fitting lyrics from the mind’s of Keith and Athena.

2. Sex Games – Case
This is probably one of the lesser known tracks on this list, but listen to it and you will know why I put it so high. The beat is just what you would expect from a great love song and Case can really sing. He has a smooth voice that’s like butter or something else smooth (I have to insert a PAUSE… sorry Brandon). He really helps you slip into the mood.

1. Untitled (How Does it Feel) – D’Angelo
There is no way I could put this song anywhere but number one. He straight kills it on this track. If there ever was a more perfect song to slip between the sheets and show some love, I haven’t found it. The beat is slow and soulful, just like D’Angelo’s voice. This guy sings with everything he has and you get that out of the music. His high voice will get you singing those high notes too. It’s a long song for a reason so put this one on repeat and you won’t need anything else besides that special lady. Most won’t need the repeat factor I’m guessing though.

Honorable mentions: Naked – Lloyd |  Sex With You – Marques Houston | Neighbors Know My Name – Trey Songz | What You Need- The Weeknd | I Wanna Know – Joe | Your Body is the Business – Avant

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D-Lop’s Top 10 Workout Songs

by D-Lop

The other day, my cousin asked me for some good workout songs to put on her ipod and I was stuck. All I could think of was Yeezy’s “Stronger”; so it got me thinking, why don’t I take a little time from work and go in the back room to make a quick list. So here it is… in no particular order.

10. Lose Yourself – Eminem
From the 8 mile soundtrack… a song we all know. It should get you up and going for your session at the gym.

9. In Da Club – 50 Cent
Classic song from a classic album. One of those songs that will even get your grandparents on the dance floor.

8. I Wanna Rock – Luke
Haha this song just makes me laugh in a good way. A very high energy joint that’s sure to get you burning some calories. Get it LADIES!!!

7. Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest
Kind of a surprise to see such a smooth an mellow crew in this list, however this song is definitely a must for the gym. Good smooth lyrics with the addition of Busta mixed in… you have a hip-hop workout track on your hands.

6. Hate Me Now – Nas
My personal favorite… listened to this song before most of my games as a kid. From the walkmans in middle school to ipods in high school. It made me feel like I could go toe to toe with Tyson! No need for red bull when you got this.

5. Gasolina – Daddy Yankee
Yes, yes. I know it’s not really hip-hop and you will never find this in my ipod or 6 disc cd changer. However, a little birdie told me I had to throw it in, so here you go.

4. It Takes Two- Rob Base an DJ E Z Roc
I know I may be staying too much in the past (old school) for this list but I just couldn’t leave this out. Timeless joint for all ages. It would even get the Grinch doing the dougie on Christmas eve.

3. You Don’t Know Me/Big Things Poppin – T.I
Tip, you dont know me. Throw on the headphones, lace up the gloves and get at that bag like your Rocky beating slabs of meat.

2. Stronger – Kanye West
This was recently voted the best workout song of all time by Golds Gym. Not really sure if I agree with that but it’s still a great track. YEEZY!

1. Hit Em Up – 2pac
Track speaks for itself… don’t need me to tell you.

Well that’s it. What was supposed to be a quick project to keep busy actually turned out to be a really fun one. I know I missed couple songs so leave comments below with songs you believe should’ve made the list. We’ll be adding a couple of songs to the list to make a mixtape soon. Enjoy the music and hopefully it helps during workout season getting ready for next summer. Girls have to get those bodies looking right for the pools right?

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Just My Thoughts: Sh*t Gets Real When You Combine Dustin Gibson & Justyn Waves

by DG


We started this blog just to get some traffic and offend anyone who doesn’t share our opinions. We thank you if you’re offended by this post because that means you clicked on a link to get here which gave us 1 more unique hit.

  • One time I bought 2 pizzas with a coupon and ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner… 3 days in a row. The sad part is, that was last week.
  • While you out Occupying Wall Street; a dude named Latrelle with 2 felonies is occupying the drivers seat of your girl’s whip… with no license in sight.
  • I would be ok with the NBA lockout as long as some channel broadcasted the pickup games they’ve been playing.
  • Hi Rihanna! *waves*
  • Every person that believed Lil Wayne when he said he was “the best rapper alive” has caught at least one charge since 2008.
  • When your girl brushes her teeth right next to you, while you take a piss… that’s when “you know it’s real.“
  • Hi Rihanna! *continues to wave with a creeper smile*
  • Divide the number of your girls facebook friends by the average amount of times you have sex in a week… if that number is above 164, she’s cheating on you.
  •  If we start talking within 3 months of your birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day; we can’t be official until all that’s over with.
  • Anybody that can inhale an entire Black & Mild will appear in a lineup by the year 2017.
  • Bye Rihanna! *continues to wave with the smile of a creep as the tongue licks the lip as LL Cool J would*
  • If I send you the link to We Been Gone and you reply with, “that’s your site!” then the box is available with no questions asked.
  • Big Sean, Jay-Z & Kanye, Wayne, Cole, Drake, Wale, Rozay, Jeezy & Kendrick Lamar will all have dropped an album by years end, so stop telling me the game is f%$&ed up.
  • It’s a proven fact that 78% of girls are in relationships soley to dispute the fact that they are heauxs.
  • Someone said we neglect the “underground” artists. What he failed to realize is; anyone who wants to be “underground” in 2011, deserves to stay there.
  • If you receive text messages that read, I left my phone (insert location), I can’t skype because (insert excuse) or I was talking to my mom within 24 hours; you’re being cheated on… and if it contains the characters k, ?, or huh then “him” is going raw in your girl.
  • I’m blogging on a 27 inch screen with an internet connection provided by a free app on my android… I’m currently unable to give one single f% about your opinion.


Jay-Z – Say Hello

I’ve listened to a lot of Jay-Z in my lifetime, but I still haven’t received my application to the illuminati in the mail yet. Hova once said, “May your glasses stay full of champagne… pockets full of money… this world is full of shit.” To be honest, I was prepared to to say that I live by that quote, but I don’t so I’ll leave the dishonesty up to all the heauxs that say they’ve never gave fellatio before. Anyways, these are just our thoughts, so if you don’t agree; I’m sure you’ll be struck by lightning while running from the police while wearing a Free Boosie t-shirt, breathing the struggle of Black & Mild’s as malt liquor drips from your pores. Unfortunately my stolen car was retrieved… I’m going to sleep so I can get up early and enjoy XM radio, USB ports & working heat one more time before I have to turn my rental in. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.


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She’s Got Style: Fight Cold Weather With Fashion

by DG

Kamri Markworth, stylebykamri.webs.com

Our second installment of She’s Got Style is aimed at putting the ladies in the right gear for the winter. Check out Kamri’s blog from last week here.

As much as most of would love to see warm weather stay around a little longer; mother nature has different plans. SO… you know what that means. It’s time to dig our coats out of storage or go buy MORE =). Coats are something (besides shoes) that you can never have too many of!!! There are tons of different styles, colors and shapes you can rock this fall/winter. As I always say, have fun with it!!

  • Check out the amazing styles designers sent down the runway for Fall/Winter 2011/2012.

Wouldn’t it be great to able to afford all of these amazing designer coats? In our dreams right? Well don’t be worried, because I’m all about affordable shopping so I went ahead and did some research and found some great coats for low prices! Check them out below…

There ya go ladies! Stay warm in style this year! You can purchase any of these coats at the following websites…

Forever 21 | H&M | Target | Charlotte Russe


Follow Kamri on Twitter: @kamrimarkworth

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She’s Got Style: FALL In Love With Fashion

by J.Waves

Kamri Markworth, stylebykamri.webs.com

Style is an important factor in the hip-hop culture. We are far from knowledgeable when it comes to the world of female fashion so we recruited Kamri from Style By Kamri to help us out a bit.

RED… the color that everyone relates to love and passion. Well ladies, hopefully you are feeling passionate or lovable this fall because red is in and here to stay. From the red carpet to the streets, women are piling on this bold color. Fortunately red is a great color to wear if you know how to style it. That’s where my help will come in handy!

Rules to wearing red:

  • Wear a contrasting color with it. Black, white or nude. (Never brown though!)
  • Make it the focal point of your outfit whether it’s your shoes, blouse, purse, etc.
  • Wear accessories with silver in them. (Not gold!)
  • DON’T overdo it. Keep it to one or two items in your outfit.
  • Have fun! Explore your options and try things outside of your comfort zone!
  • Never forget that a great RED lip always gives your look that extra POP!!

Follow Kamri on Twitter: @kamrimarkworth

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