29th Dec2011

Just My Thoughts: The Struggle That Shouldn’t Live In 2012

by DG

It’s that time of the year again. All the heauxs that went through with last years resolution will be leaving their man and the ones that didn’t will be making the same resolution in attempts to get a man. The Ciroc will be flowing through the veins of young savages hoping to find a lost little tender. Every aspiring rapper will claim the year is his and every single single mother will claim her nieces and nephews on her taxes. With this struggle approaching, D-Lop decided to do his part and hopefully help the world by making a list of the things to leave in 2011…

  • Jersey Shore: Sammy & Ron will fight, Mike will go crazy, Pauly will get heauxs, J-Wows titties will grow and the Meatballs will get their meat touched… same shit
  • Skinny Jeans: your jeans should not be tighter than your girls. If you’re still in high school; depending on your grades, you might get a pass
  • sPelLiNg liKe tHiS: come on now, not a good look
  • Skate Boarding: only if you weren’t boarding before Lil Wayne decided to
  • OPP (Other Peoples Problems): everyone of us has our own problems… this is for those who put themselves on blast for attention
  • Stans: there’s a thin line between being a fan and a Stan… the ones who go “kray” when someone on FB or Twitter say something bad about their artist
  • Face Tattoos: enough said
  • Tebow News: man I can’t even watch ESPN, all the Tebow talk makes me sick
  • Planking, Coning & Tebowing: no more people
  • Pretty Boy Swagg: that one Ed Lover quote
  • Hashtags on FB: this is not Twitter Dog! #JustSaying
  • Guilt Trips: stop feeling bad for yourself and take some responsibility
  • Miami Heat Hate: they’re winning a ring this year
  • Tip Going to Jail: time to stay out this time dog..
  • FML: really? If your alive, healthy and have time to be reading this blog, your life is obviously not that bad… be grateful for what you have!!
  • Lil Wayne, Weezy, Dr. Carter, Weezy F for Everything, etc: sorry man think its time to keep it moving…..
  • The Word SWAG: it’s SCHWAG now! lol
  • Snapbacks: Personally dont rock them or really have an issue with them, but everyone I told about this blog said i had to include them, in plus once Yeezy, Hov & Big Sean wore $500 ones… yeah
  • Gangsters: Just cause Wayne is a blood dont mean you are, doesn’t give you the right to throw up the “B” in every picture..
  • Male Mirror pics: A man shouldn’t be in his mothers basement restroom rocking shades blowing kisses in the mirror and taking pictures of himself


Today’s Theme Song:

CyHi The Prynce ft. Big Sean – Woopty Doo


One day we will all learn that just because Skillz dropped that wrap up and bowl games are being played, New Years isn’t anything but another day. When you wake up on the 1st, your check engine light will still be on and the memories of your girl giving road head to Kasey as you drove by will still be there. If your hairline was similar to Lebron’s in 2011, it will be worse in 2012. These are just the facts of life and the sooner you realize it, the more boring your holiday season will become. Anyways, these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree, I hope you blow .001 over the limit because you tasted that drink you bought for some girl that will never let you hit. It’s time for me to go open the fridge, freezer and cabinet… then repeat like some food will magically appear. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

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