New Music: Trifecta (Gleams x Edge x Steel) – Dreamchasers

by J.Waves

The Trifecta (Gleams x Edge x Steel) hop on Meek Mill’s “Dreamchasers” track and body it.

Trifecta(Gleams x Edge x Steel) – Dreamchasers

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Mixtape: Gleams – The Cast

by DG

The homie Gleams finally releases his long awaited The Cast mixtape for the masses to digest. It’s rare to find an artist on the come up with substance that can actually rap. I approve of this one and suggest you listen… I’ve never steered you wrong before. Tracklist and download below and check him out at @gleamsatm.



Download Mixtape

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Just My Thoughts: #DMs4Dummies by Gleams

by Gleams

You will come across the image above if you’re a regular on twitter, unless you are; 1. Scared of Private Interaction 2. allergic to opportunities 3. Alot more shit we’ll get into. DM’s can get you BOX, MONEY, and/or SPAM. People also gossip there too, but if you’re not a female participating in that extra curricular activity, you’re a faggot. Moving along tho, im not an expert nor novice but i kno a bit about the Direct Message Federation. Almost 200k tweets in, you think i spend ALL my time on the public TL ? lol ….


SPAM…it happens to all of us once or twice. Some nigga masturbating on his computer screen to dog porn will come across passwords and our account falls in their lap. They send out links swearing on their mothers life they’ll give u free apple products, penis enlargements and gift cards. If you click on the link instead of the report as spam button, you prolly eat anus sprinkled w/ adobo on it. This is the most simple form a DM will come in, just tell that person you follow to change their password or you’re unfollowing them.


U got the shorties who DM you all type of nasty shit JUST TO FLIRT, then you got the ones who wanna give you more than cyber box. U must learn the difference by using the RATIO SYSTEM…if shorty gives more #HeyBoo’s than she receives or always sounds like candy deep throat in her tweets, she prolly not serious. Now for the ones who can be taken serious, there are two types…the Thirst Buckets and the Thirst Trapists. Thirst Buckets might fuck around and save u the strategical effort and just throw u the box, You ca usually get their digits in 5-10 DM’s. Thirst Trapists will have u giving prequels to ya life story in 20 plus DM’s and still might front. Before you pull out the contraption to capture the ghost u gotta get in it in position, or else you gonna be wasting ammunition, and that’ll cost u.


Lastly, and more importantly…Business. If you have a chance to exploit twitter for things like promotion and or services that benefit, why wouldn’t you? IE: It took 1 DM convo to get me on stage rapping w/ Joe Budden ? DM’s are also where you can come up from pure struggle to sheer potential. Public TL is for promo and bait, the DM’s are where people hit you up when they’re interested beyond “followership” lol.


Respect the plug lol, but more importantly … That’s what i got for yall as far as Dm’s go. Type, Re-Read and Proofread before you hit “Send Message”. Whether you hittin up a hood booger for some box on a lonely late night cuz none of your go to’s answered their phone, or u talking to a person who could help you with your profession. Be precise and to the point so you don’t come across as spam and get reported as a canned “beef” faggot. Have patience wit the potential queens and avoid the thirst trapist’s, they’ll steal your soul and screencap your valiant efforts. Till next time, don’t be a new nigga … i’ll see yall on these internet streets, click my EP cover for swag.

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FreEP: Gleams – The Exception

by DG

This hit the web a while back but we got something in the works with Gleams, so I figured we would post it for those of you that haven’t heard him yet. Below is the trailer to “F.Y.I” which is featured on The Exception EP.

Download/Stream: Gleams – The Exception