Waves Of Wisdom: Social Science

by J.Waves

These thoughts are brought to you by a nigga with an iphone, waves and Beats By Dre’s that cover them. They are in every way a reflection of this blog. That little x in the top right corner still works for you non-wavy niggas. Follow the way-ves.

  • “Niggas with no edge-up act like edge-ups aren’t everything.” I think Drake said some shit like that one time. Regardless of the validity of that quote, the shit is really true though. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a fresh edge-up and blue message bubbles on your phone.
  • No Gatorade season is upon us. All the marginal heauxs about to start thinking they the shit because of the summer time thirst.
  • You learn more about a girl from the tweets she favorites than the shit she actually tweets. They be tweeting for a co-sign/retweet but the shit they retweet/favorite is how they really feel.
  • If a girl hasn’t had at least 3 pregnancy scares by age 24 she’s not a keeper. Why? Either her box is trash or she been on birth control for a while which means she’s a heaux.
  • Sundresses are visual steroids. Heauxs out here wearing performance enhancing apparel.
  • Stop giving people fake credit for shit they supposed to be doing anyway.
  • The best places to think are on the toilet or in the shower.
  • If you see a bad bitch…. with a “bad” bitch then she has low self esteem and will be really easy to bag.
  • If you go to Junior College you’ll end up with a white girl (word to my cousin Mack for that gem).
  • Positivity on facebook… that’s that shit I don’t like.
  • After you receive a text you gotta do fake dope shit for at least three minutes before you can respond (gotta wait 5 w/imessage cuz she can see the dots).
  • The whole “like my status…” wave on facebook really the loneliest shit ever.  If you real like me, you just calmly delete statuses if no one shows them love.
  • Fellas… hop on instagram and go to your girls page. There’s a dude that’s liked every picture that she put up that features her… (Misguided creeps will even like pictures of her dogs and shit… that shit weird b.)  You think it’s all cool and innocent because he doesn’t have a shot at your girl cause you keep her happy. I got news for you, he’s also her friend/follower on either the book or twitter… she is aware. So while you watching KD and Lebron battle for NBA supremacy she thinking bout hitting the “creep” up.  You one argument away from a dude with quick thumbs swimming in ya girls box.

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