She’s Got Style: One Kardashian Gets It Right In My Book

by DG

Style Icon: One Kardashian gets it right in my book.

Kim Kardashian has been surrounded by a media frenzy following her recent divorce to Kris Humpheries. BUT in my opinion, Kourtney Kardashian is the most level headed and smart one. SO with that being said, I wanted to share how much I admire Kourtney’s taste in fashion.

Kourtney has a sophisticated, chic and fashion forward style. She isn’t afraid to show off her body or wear sky high heels. That is what enjoying being a woman is about… right?!? I love to watch what Kourtney wears to get idea’s for my own wardrobe. Here are some looks that I love!

Both of these looks are great because Kourtney has paired a bold skirt with a black shirt and heels. In the second look, she has black tights on as well as a red purse. She has balanced each look by wearing one bold colored piece with a neutral black.

Another part of Kourtney’s style that I love is her jackets. She knows how to pair great jackets with a variety of outfits and make them work! Both of these looks are chic and comfortable.

There is nothing I love more than a great over the knee dress. Kourtney is spotted a lot on the red carpet and around the city in dresses. She knows how to wear them in a sexy, yet appropriate way. In both of these looks she has worn just the right amount of accessories to compliment the dresses.

These last two look’s are what make Kourtney such an amazing style icon in my book. She is fashion forward and never afraid to wear sky high heels. Between the high waisted shorts and the yellow printed jumpsuit, Kourtney proves that high fashion can be worn every day. Plus… look at those AMAZING shoes!!

Hopefully you have been inspired by this tribute to Kourtney Kardashian’s fashion… I know I have!!!

Kamri Markworth,

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