New Music: Mikkey Halstead & Lupe Fiasco – Gone

by DG

I’ll let their message to what my description can’t below:

In light of “37 SHOOTINGS, 46 VICTIMS & 9 MURDERS” during Chicago’s first ‘warm’ weekend, the Trayvon travesty, 6-year old Aliyah Shell, and in honor of my cousins Ismail & Malik that were gunned down last summer…I felt as though this was the time to drop this song. Shouts to Lupe for helping me paint a vivid picture of what goes on everyday in Chicago and every other ghetto in America. Also, shouts to David ‘D.A.’ Doman & Jim LaVigne for providing us the perfect canvas to paint upon.

Special Dedication to Blair Holt and the hundreds of CPS students lost to senseless violence.


Download: Mikkey Halstead & Lupe Fiasco – Gone

Video: Robert Glasper, Lupe Fiasco & Bilal Perform “Always Shine” On David Letterman

by DG

This is a fly rendition of this song. I have to give props to David Letterman for basically letting any rapper with an album perform on his show.

[Hook: Bilal]
You’re in my heart, you’re in my mind
You’re the star that will always shine
Forever you’ll be with me

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Uh, it go like
You ever see the inner depths of a man’s soul?
Or ninja turtles pouring out of manholes
This is balance
Between a comic and a conscious, that’s the challenge
Between the solitary and the conference that I examines
That I imagine was a figure
Would be the start of world peace and the transformation of niggas
Like the transubstantiation of liquor
But that’s just turnin’ them into blood
And we’ll be right back where we was
Not a peace-sign, but a fascination with scissors
So I can cut
Myself off from the calculations of empress, empires, and the sinners
For advancement of human suffering
And other things trying to impede my publishing and editorials
That’s gon’ bring it back to us again
A boomerang might as Halle Barry and Eddie and everybody fuckin’ it

[Hook: Bilal]

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Even though independent cars ain’t got one
I got some and more to spare
No more despair
My motor-ware don’t match my motivate to mate
Also I drive to stay alive and ride this over there
My momma so mad, so no alcohol in here
I’m Aries Spears on my Jay-Z shit
Affion on the Drake skit
Now how many more can I make with just one voice
They might call it fake shit
This some deep shit
It’s my me impersonatin’ we shit
Vicariously in every rap I speak with
I hope you’re speakin’ for me, if I’m ever speechless
Cause I’mma be you
Even though you’re not here to be with
I hope I see these gangsters actin’ like teachers
Wake up out they sleep, then they dream
And the world so Martin Luther King-less

[Hook: Bilal]

[Outro: Lupe Fiasco]
And to my hero Heron, Gil Scott
In a discourse with Baldwin
On a jet plane with no fear for fallin’
But wishin’ it never lands
Reminiscent of the dream time
Presently en route to the rhymes of the machine time
Magazine times
With coffee more sugar and milk than coffee
Aborted rhymes, rotten beats, and failed hooks
Roads as bumpy as braille books
Fail cools, bad French, and mad push at the door
Gourmet food at the starving soiree
A choice of one easy woman at a time
I’ll take three the hard way
Trying to be as abstract as possible
And vulgar, the more shocking the more profitable
A baby fed molten gold
And sat upon a pedestal promote getting called 24 carot souls
How to describe this
Insightful remarks such as the best thing I’ve ever heard is silence
Some more technically impressive
In a faux Spanish romantic hues of a Marxist dialectic
Please listen to the critics, pointless is the common passerby
Might as well not even exist, not even a bit
In the event of my demise give everything I prize to the poor
And to the oppressors, I leave a war
And so on and so forth

Video: Lupe Fiasco & J. Cole On The Grammy Red Carpet w/Their Mothers

by DG

This is a beautiful thing and I can only respect them bringing their mothers BUT I have some strong opinions about how this interview was conducted. I’ll save them for a blog later on though.

Music Video: Trae The Truth ft. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale & Wiz Khalifa – Im On

by DG

Trae somehow gets everyone in this video. This is a smooth cut from Street King which is in stores now.

Music Video: Lupe Fiasco – Double Burger With Cheese

by DG

Lupe (or some fan) gives us visuals to a cut from his Friend of the People mixtape. I can’t respect your opinion on rap if you’ve never sat down and listened to a full Lupe album (with the exception of the last one).

New Music: Lupe Fiasco – American Terroist Part III

by DG

This all started on Lupe’s debut album Food & Liquor (which is a classic). This is the 3rd installment BUT I don’t recall their being a 2nd, so maybe it will be on Food & Liquor 2. He borrows the sounds from Kavinsky for this one.

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos – American Terroist Pt. I

Lupe Fiasoco – American Terrorist Pt. III

The Weekly Cinco: Drake, Joe Budden, Los, Lupe Fiasco & Young Jeezy

by DG

The Cinco is back after taking a week off for the holidays. Plenty of music dropped this week including songs from Jeezy, Budden, Lupe, Los, Marshall and more. Here’s some of my favorites…


1. Los ft. XV – Get It
Los drops a new joint from his mixtape The Crown Ain’t Safe dropping 12/5. Pretty dope track… I’ve been sleeping on this cat for a while, however I will make sure to cop this new mixtape.

2. Lupe Fiasco ft. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad – Super Cold (Raak Remix)
New “Super Cold” track from Lupe and Gilbere Forte from his new mixtape Friend of the People. After a some what of a disappointing album, Lupe really goes in on this song as well as the mixtape which is a must listen too in my opinion. …but hey who am I? Just a blogger with a dream.

3. Young Jeezy ft. Freddie Gibbs & Eminem – Talk To Me
Jeezy seems to be dropping new tracks on a weekly basis in anticipation of his new album that’s been pushed back about 17 times by my count. This track features Gibbs and Marshall himself on the hook. My excitement for the CD as climbed from a 2 to a 5 so lets see what Jeezy brings to the table… its been a while.

4. Drake ft. YG, Snoop Dogg & Nipsey Hussle – The Motto (LA Remix)
The LA boys had to come in throw some Cali Swagg on this track (as said by J.Waves). Keeping Drizzy on the hook with some smooth verses by some of the best from the West Coast ( YG, Snoop & Nipsey). Cant help but to nod your head to it… good driving music.

5. Joe Budden ft. Emanny – She Don’t Love Me
Soon to be on Budden Stan status… Joe once again drops some lyrical fire. It’s starting to seem to easy for him which doesn’t seem fair. One of those tracks you have to play three times in a row to catch everything he’s saying. Dope beat, dope lyricist!


Well hope you enjoyed this weeks edition because I’m not making any promises for next week. I will be in Vegas (God willing) Watching The Throne but maybe I’ll find some time in between my yard cups of long islands… Be safe out there and happy holidays.

New Music: Lupe Fiasco ft. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad – Super Cold (Raak Remix)

by J.Waves

This sh*t goes hard! Raak remixes a track from Lupe’s mixtape Friend Of The People with the help of Ab Liva, Gibere Forte, Asaad.

Lupe Fiasco – Super Cold (Raak Remix) Ft. Ab Liva, Gilbere Forte & Asaad

Mixtape: Lupe Fiasco – Friend Of The People

by J.Waves

Lupe flexes his lyrical muscles on this mixtape so if bars easily fly over your head often this definitely isn’t for you! Friend Of The People is the follow up to his 2009 mixtape, Enemy Of The State: A Love Story.

Download: Lupe Fiasco – Friend Of The People

New Music: Lupe Fiasco ft. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar – LightWork

by DG

Lupe Fiasco ft. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar – LightWork

I don’t think there is anyone that can touch Wasalu when actually raps, but what do I know? I’m just a blogger that eats Roman Noodles as a main dish at least twice a week.

Mixtape: Lupe Fiasco to Release Project on Thanksgiving?

by DG

I’ve never been a huge fan of Lupe Fiasco mixtapes but it’s never a bad thing to hear some new F&F (unless Trey Songz is on it) so I’m not complaining.

KTT forum member Emperor Lu (LL) was able to speak to Lupe in Toronto today and he reports that Lupe said “Friend of the People” will probably drop on Thanksgiving.

That would be around Nov. 24th which would mean that it would drop exactly 2 years after “Enemy of the State.”
via Lupend

Album: Lil B – I’m Gay

by DG

Lil B is the type of artist that comes around only once in a while. His album released on iTunes yesterday but he decided to put up the free version for those that can’t afford it. Below is the tracklist. Download link: Lil B – I’m Gay (Album)

01 Trapped In Prison
02 Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
03 Game
04 Unchain Me
05 Neva Stop Me
06 Gon Be Okay
07 The Wilderness
08 I Hate Myself
09 Get it While It’s Good
10 I Seen That Light
11 My Last Chance
12 1 Time (rmx)

I happened to like the album and think you should give it a listen. Below is the blog Lupe wrote about his feelings on Lil B and the album.

I have a problem. It’s something that I noticed a while ago and I think its something that has to do with my introduction to a wide array of musical genres as a child. My problem is is that it’s really really hard for me to dislike music. I have such an appreciation for it in all its forms that I sometimes find myself listening to a schizophrenic range of sounds in the whip or on the iPod. You really have to go out of your way for me to just completely despise what someone creates musically. Now in the midst of this self-awareness I have discovered there is a certain context within music that I gravitate to more than others and that context is something that I have defined for myself as “Liberation Rock”. It can be described as music that is subversive, revolutionary, political, challenges the status quo, mostly positive and even militaristic. A few examples of this would be “Know Your Rights” by The Clash, “Politik Kills” by Manu Chao, “Gentleman” by Fela Kuti, “Do It Like A G-O” by The Geto Boys, “Confrontation” by Damian Marley, “Rush Of Blood To The Head” by Coldplay, “Everyman For Himself” by Billy Blue, “In One Ear” by Cage The Elephant, “The Catalyst” by Linkin Park, “Strange Fruit” by Billie Holiday and the list goes on. I guess up against my political and social upbringing songs and artists like these strike a chord with me. Now this affinity for “Liberation Rock” doesn’t negate or take away from songs and artists that don’t necessarily fall under that personal category for me. Dependent on the environment, I have the uncanny ability to sit and universally enjoy whatever is coming through the speakers at almost any given time. But songs that express the qualities of my very own genre of “Liberation Rock” definitely get more burn in the system by far. And as it happens through their music I develop an interest in the artist him or herself. Sometimes the journey into the world of the artist outside of the music they create can be fruitless and even disheartening. Quite literally your hero’s musically can be real assholes or morons in almost every other facet. But in all honesty that is a rare occasion. And even sometimes it’s the inverse and the personality and mentality of the artist outweighs the music they create and the person becomes more of an interest than his or her art. In regards to Lil B I must admit I’m somewhere in the middle of those extremes.

Before we get any deeper let me put my inherent biases on the table. First, I blindly and unconsciously love anything that comes out of the Bay Area of Northern California. It’s part honest respect for the cultural products that emerge out of that region and part happiness and empathy that in the midst of the social turmoil and raw violence and despair that has plagued that area for decades that artists reppin’ the Bay are capable to create and express themselves at all. I have the same appreciation for artists that carve out a name for themselves in Detroit and New Orleans. Second, my faith is in the youth. So I find myself constantly observing and trying to empower and support the youth in any way that I can. No matter what they create. Through the youth expressing themselves you have a golden opportunity to communicate and gain a new perspective on the ever changing world around us. It’s a beautiful thing.

So Lil B is from The Bay and he’s a youth hahaha we can stop right here! He already good in my book. But what gets Lil B admission into my coveted genre of “Liberation Rock” is his absolute lack of fear when it comes to challenging the status quo. Whether it be in hip-hop, which is very elitist and caste and class oriented, or just society in general, which is very elitist and class centric. His albeit “rocky” road musically has been honestly at times unbearable to walk on. Some of Lil B’s past works have been underwhelming to say the least and at moments I would seriously consider heading out for smoother pavement. But every now and again an absolute jewel would come to the surface and I’d find myself unable to fathom leaving this kids side for any reason. The vulgar lyrics, happy go lucky cooking dances and sometimes pointless stream of conscious style rambling started to give way to hints of a deadly serious revolutionary mentality lurking underneath. Now I’m not talking Dead Prez or Immortal Technique level stuff here but something just as powerful and meaningful. What I was witnessing was a man in the process of profound self-realization and self-awareness. And seeing that this road has led to the promised land in the form of “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” has been for me just as fulfilling as the new understandings that I’m sure Lil Bars has come upon if the content of his new album is anything to go by.

First let me make something abundantly clear, the title “I’m Gay (I’m Happy)” I think is absolute genius. Those two words together side by side in almost any format in the society we live in can be a cultural and social death sentence. And in many places in the world (even here in the good ole’ US of A) they can mean an ACTUAL death sentence. I’m talking a shanked in the shower, beat with a bat, beheaded on Friday kinda death. The best and rarest of braveries is bravery in the face of death. Let’s be honest Lil B’s album probably won’t even be commercially released in certain countries because of the title alone. I just wish he did a song called “James Baldwin” and I would’ve loved to see you twitter-lectuals and goon rules street professors argue against one of the foremost, prominent black intellectual radicals the world has ever known who just so happened to be an overt homosexual but repped the ghettos of Harlem harder than Nicky Barnes and Rich Porter combined and took the struggles and achievements of the black and impoverished experience and intellectually and dazzlingly rubbed it all in the pasty face of the oppressive power structures of the time and this time as well! I wish a nigga would!!! Don’t matter if your gay, that’s between you and your religion. All I care about is if your down for the cause. Which a LOT of hetero’s ain’t. Go figure. Now the doper thing about the title is that it exposed the raw power of words and reinforces the concept that “perception is king” in a very simple and even remedial use of homonym (no pun intended but you gotta chalk that up as a mean double entendre!) The word “gay” referring to homosexuality in the minds of the “guilty” ,as well call them here, sent shockwaves throughout our hip-hop community. Making Lil B the target of attack and ridicule. But Lil B’s ultimate intention and preference for the word “gay” was its “one who is happy” definition. So basically my lil homey was being attacked for being happy. The poetic justice in that is awe inspiring. If that don’t speak to the conditions that exist in this world and this society I don’t know what does. Hate on somebody simply because they are happy or have found happiness. How many of us are innocent of that injustice? Not many. Including me at times. Now whether Lil B did that on purpose or not is really not an issue because the reality of someone (that would be me by the way) interpreting and analyzing his album title that deeply gives merit to his action regardless of his initial intent. I mean it is HIS album title.

I won’t carry on much longer but I did want to get to the content. Now normally reviewers delve deeply or comparatively lightly when talking about an album. They mention favorite songs or less than favorites for that matter, maybe even breaking them down and bringing finer points of production or lyrical execution to light. Well I’m not going to mess about with any of that. At the end of the day it’s all opinion and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you like it you like it if you don’t you don’t. The reason I give this album entrance into my “Liberation Rock” library hangs on the power and impact of just one single, solitary line uttered by Lil B in the midst of the entire work that is “I’m Gay”. And that line is:

“The Hood Is A Lie!”

The modern processes of life experienced that would culminate in a 21 year old African American male who more than likely is a direct descendant of slaves, raised in a consumerist and corrupt society dominated by inequality, fear, system-trust and self-doubt, coming from a region of the country that is notoriously violent and self-destructive (to this day I still can’t believe The Tenderloin exists in these modern times), that more than likely has buried friends and seen raw poverty in the land of plenty, that has received a subpar education and has been profiled and downgraded even before the day of his birth on this soil, teased with excess and a little bit of the “good life” for the price of ones morals, freedom and even life itself, in the face of all that for him to say with confidence and surety that:

“The Hood Is A Lie!”

speaks louder to me than the best, most well-timed, Just Blaze produced and Hype Williams directed punchline any rapper can think of! You can’t buy that type of provocative, chilling social commentary. You have to live that. Furthermore it commands respect, and not that phony ass “48 Laws Of Power” “saw it on Gangland” respect either. I mean that Malcolm Martin Luther Junior respect. And if the youths are making these types of statements in these times and in the midst of all that is against them I have no choice but to be Gay (Happy) too!!!

So there you have it. I like Lil B.

Sincerely and with a gangsta ass “I-Wish-A-Nigga-Would” attitude,

Wasalu “Lupe Fiasco” Jaco

P.S. His album cover is better than yours too!

Music Video: Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz – Out of My Head

by DG

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Lupe releases another visual from L.A.S.E.R.S. and I have not watched it. Yall tell me how it is…

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Video: Lupe Fiasco Defends His Comments About Obama Against Bill O’Reilly

by DG

As we all know Lupe made a statement about President Barack Obama a few weeks ago. He went on the O’Reilly Factor tonight to defend his comments and it was unsuccessful. Basically the interview was so edited that everything Lupe said was out of context. I think the best way for Wasulu to explain himself is to make a song about it. That is a sure way to get his point across clear.

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