Just My Thoughts: d’EVILS (Guest Blog By @BadSkinWavyHair )

by J.Waves

After numerous death threats, ransom notes, and red dots beaming through my bedroom window I finally found time after my mini-vacation to post my nigga B-Dot’s death note to d’EVILS. Now this would usually be where I would come and take responsibility and try to salvage WBG’s reputation and say the views below don’t reflect those of our blog. But…….. I really don’t give a fuck about what y’all think. Fuck you going to do if this is how we feel? Not a GOT DAMN THING. So without further ado. B-Dot preach the good word.

If you don’t follow me on twitter you would have NO CLUE how much I hate potato salad and grits, its underlying myths about potato salad and grits. They’re the sole reason why shit went terribly wrong in the Garden of Eden. In the bible its underlying messages, example: “We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will.” It really means God doesn’t hear the prayers of Potato Salad and Grit eaters. The bulk of Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount was about preaching against Potato Salad and Grits. The Bible laid out the blueprint why not to eat potato salad and grits. I got a lot of family members and friends is spending eternity with fire and brimstone cause of potato salad and grits, I am concerned where you all spend eternity so…DON’T EAT POTATO SALAD AND GRITS!

Potato Salad and Grits killed my childhood, I was at my grandmother’s house my cousin made breakfast for me I watched him put this white substance on my plate and it started to spread. I had no choice to eat it because my grandmother was gone and I wasn’t going to eat till she returned, I swallowed that shit the nigga fixed me mash potatoes with paint in it. I have been scarred since. I see why my cousin has been imprisoned ever since. Christmas of 1993, greatest Christmas ever, I got a sega, a tv and mad toys and a Carolina Panthers starter pull over. I knew that Christmas would be memorable but not to go down in infamy. We was at Christmas Dinner, Moms fixed my plate… ham, green beans mac and cheese and FUCKING POTATO SALAD YES FUCKIN POTATO SALAD. F.Y.I. I never ate that shit til then, so the shit was playing tug of war with the green beans and ham and all of them fuckin lost, so I am looking at this plate with this yellow shit on my ham and green beans. As I proceed to eat this my brain told my mouth to spit that shit out and told my legs to run. I took off running darted across the street and almost got hit by a car. Cause of Potato Salad I almost died. Yeah my mom ruined Christmas! And I called child services on her. So last year my great grandmother’s funeral, I had tears flowing like when it rained for 40 days and 40 nights, to cap off that terrible day, my mother fixes me a plate cause I was emotionally out of it; she proceeds to put fried chicken, green beans and MUTHAFUCKIN POTATO SALAD, YES GOTDAMN POTATO SALAD on my plate. The Potato Salad played tug of war with the drumstick and the drumstick lost. I looked at this plate of desperation and lack of ambition, got up and did a Michael Phelps dive into my great grandmother’s grave.

Finally, God does not here the prayers of Potato Salad and Grits eaters, how can you come to God at a humble state with grits on your breath and potato salad residue on the side of your mouth praying for abundant blessings. Im 6’1″ with waves and a pretty left hand jumper u really think I have eaten Potato Salad and Grits, I am a believer of Christ… This will get you denied entrance to heaven http://instagram.com/p/JLQyDzNF5k/ and http://instagram.com/p/LLKxtINF2S/. Last thoughts Noah lived to be 950 years old you think he eat potato salad and grits?!?!

B-Dot (Founder of Notoriety Being A Nobody)

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Video: Allindstrom.com x The Source Presents: The Carter 4 Roundtable

by J.Waves

Last week Lil’ Wayne’s newest album The Carter 4 came out to mixed reviews, but first week sales to the tune of 964,000 copies sold. This made it the most highly talked about topic all week. So Allindstrom.com and The Source decided to get the brain trust together, stuff them all in The Source’s conference room, and press record as they let the opinions fly. So press play and listen to Combat Jack, Angela Yee, Jeff Sledge, Big D, and B. Dot all debate The Carter 4. We talk about everything from their thoughts on the music, the sales and promotion of the album, and the rumors of record labels “fixing” the numbers. And of course we had to bring up the Watch The Throne vs Carter 4 topic. So sit back, relax, and take notes. Allindstrom.com and The Source. We the business. 100 million dollars.

ErrBody Outchea Talmbout Joonyah…Dats How I Know My Son Dropped a Klassic Ya Digh? We Da Busine$$ Hundred Million Dollaz Heading For Dat Billy Ya Dig. Dey Know