03rd Jun2011

Rumorville: Release Date For Watch The Throne Floating Around

by DG

To be honest, I find this to be a dope picture and needed a reason to post it. Click here for the rumors. For other news on Detox #2 visit: Watch the Throne.

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21st Jan2011

Rumorville: Vince Young to the Minnesota Vikings?

by DG

Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks coach had this to say about Vince Young:

“I know that question is going to be coming,” Craig Johnson told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “So my answer is going to be this:  I do have a relationship with Vince, a long relationship with him.  But the head coach and ownership and the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings — they’re the ones that are going to make the decision.  The assistant coaches coach.”

“I am sure they’ll do due diligence on Vince, and every quarterback that is going to be available on the market is going to be discussed,” Johnson said.  “I know it is going to be discussed, and I’ll put my two cents worth on him because obviously I have more of a relationship with him that most.  And then whatever decision is going to be made will be made.  Obviously I have a good working relationship with Vince, and he produced pretty well under me.”

“I think [Vince's] future is still to be written,” Johnson said.  “What I would officially say about him, and what needs to happen about him, is in the big picture he needs to be known and thought of more for what’s happened on the field than what’s happened off the field.  I think that is true of him and any quarterback.”

Full Article via PFT

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13th Jan2011

Rumorville: OJ Mayo to the Nuggets and Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks

by DG

Reporter Chris Broussard tweeted this a few hours ago. We will see if it’s true during the next press conference. Either way it goes we know the Nuggets have no choice but to trade Melo if they want any return.

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31st Dec2010

New Music: T-Pain – Rap Song (So So Def Remix) and T-Pain Signs to Young Money?

by DG

T-Pain ft. JD & Rick Ross – Rap Song (So So Def Remix)

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21st Nov2010

Rumorville: Nebraska Cornhusker Quarterback Taylor Martinez May Have Quit the Team

by DG

This story has been confirmed to the best of our knowledge, by a grad assistant on the Cornhusker Football Team to the Big Red Critics that Taylor Martinez has quit the football team.  This just in as of 8:39 central time.

While I was as upset as anyone after the poor performance of the Huskers last night, I really think that the team is better off with Taylor Martinez in the game instead of Cody Green.  There were two throws in particular, that really broke the back of the Huskers.

The first was an interception that was intended for Kyler Reed running a post pattern.  Reed has caught TD’s on this route against this coverage against Mizzou, K-State, and Ok State.  In last night’s game though, Martinez didn’t lead Reed to the middle of the field where the opening was and the pass was intercepted.

Martinez also tried to force the ball to Niles Paul on 3rd and 8 on a drive that would eventually result in a field goal to tie the game by Alex Henery.  Paul was running a route that had been thrown earlier in the drive that resulted in a 24 yard catch and run.  By zeroing in on Paul, he missed Mike McNeill who was open running the corner route behind Paul.

I don’t think that this has anything to do with what happened on the field though, more to do with what took place in the locker room while the Husker medical staff was looking at Martinez’s ankle after he was taken to the locker room for X-rays in the first half:

According to the reports that the Big Red Critics have, that come from multiple sources close to the program and within the coaching staff as grad assistants, Martinez was texting in the locker room while his ankle was being taped.  While it isn’t clear who the recipients of these texts was, the majority of opinions and shady sources all point to his father as the person he was in communication with.

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31st Oct2010

R. Kelly Says “Best of Both Worlds” Was Originally For Tupac

by DG

In an interview with XXL Magazine, R. Kelly spoke about his plans to originally do the album with Pac before his untimely death:

“Well ‘I Wish’ was basically about Tupac at first. I met Tupac in L.A. at the [Hotel Nikko], and he was rolling by in his drop-top whatever hot car. I seen him, and I yelled out, “‘Pac! ‘Pac!” He was driving by, rolling by himself. I’m like, ‘This nigga got a lot of balls to be rolling by hisself!” So we kicked it for a minute, I said “Dude, we need to do an album.” See, The Best Of Both Worlds was for me and Pac at first. “I Wish” was gonna be the first song we were gonna do.”

Kells also had plans to release a sequel to the Best of Both Worlds album, with a second version that would collab with Cash Money Records. However, the album was never put together, as Baby blames Kels for the project’s fall apart in an interview with Ozone Magazine.

“Probably the worst investment I did was f*ckin’ with R. Kelly,” Baby said in a February 2010 interview. “That was a waste of my time. I could’ve made money if I wasn’t f*ckin’ with that clown-a** n*gga.”

via XXL

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07th Oct2010

Rumorville: Brett Favre Photos to be Leaked?

by DG

I heard about this a while ago then it died down but I’ve seen a few articles saying they were coming soon. Click here for more.

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