25th Jul2011

The Sh*t My Cousin Says: Yall Loving Hoes Without Even Knowing

by DG

Alright… so we are back at it with “The Shit My Cousin Says.” This time he address the dudes that love hoes unknowingly. I will go head and let you figure the rest out by yourself.


Last week I was talkin to my homegurl bout how these niggas be love’n hoes. We dont love dem hoes. *in my Snoop voice* Fellas I tried to defend yall but it’s true. In my opinion at least 55% of yall be love’n hoes if not more. If you don’t believe me go through your phone right now and count how many hoe’s you have in your phone oppose to women. What you come up with? Sad cause at least 55% of yall got more hoes smdh. I know just because you have a gang of hoes in your phone you think you bout something and yo ego is up aint it? Sad to say… yall love hoes. Now I can hear some of my niggas say’n why not have hoes in your phone? Especially if you single… right? Well here’s the thing pimp; more hoe’s means more conversation with hoe’s which is time right? Now go through your phone and see how many of dem females you fuckin if you even are. Bet its more hoes you giving it to than the woman. Thats say’n you have women in your phone in the first place and those who know women know you might not be fuckin them. Yall with me? Now whats that tell ya? You spending more time with hoe’s. Where im from time is money and if you like me you love some money (true story). Since we talkin bout money, some of yall spending momey on dem hoe’s… don’t feel bad we all done it but some of yall do it more often than others. I know cause some of dem hoes are high maintnace. To do your grown man thang you got pay some kinda price, either a drink in the club to splurgin in the mall; either way it goes, the money you worked for is going to some hoe. Dont get me wrong; I buy a drink, do lil dinner and a movie with a woman. Depending on the woman she might tell you some shit like this “no but depending if you bout something or not I would love to take you out” dont that sound like a better option? Im just sayin! Back to our topic tho, niggaz love’n hoe’s. Yall already been through your phone enough so out of all dem females in ya blackberry you already know out of all of em which one you argue with the most (and don’t try and lie and say you dont argue with em). I say that cause a nigga ego is everythang and if she fuckin anotha nigga and you try’n to fuck you gon be a lil bit more hostile and that will start a arguement. To put it better, if you feel any emotion or get pissed off or jealous then yea you got a problem. Now look at you… spending time, money AND they gettin into your emotions. Sounds like a relationship to me. Am I lie’n? So whats that tellin you? Yall love’n hoes!!!!! And the more time yall spend, the more time you learn to love and time mean love. If I’m with a woman; the longer i can put up with her the more I’m gon grow to love her either if we stay together or not. True story!

by Chris Dorsey

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13th Jun2011

The Sh*t My Cousin Says: Do We Glorify Hoes?

by DG

Words by: Chris Dorsey
Now we all love the way Kim Kardashian ass look and some even follow Miss Kardashian via twitter, fb, tv ect. I will admit I was one of her faithful followers until it hit me one day. What do this woman do well? Can anybody tell me what she do well without refering to the sextape her and Ray J did? (Ray J is another story all in itself; like really besides being Brandy’s lil brother what do this nigga do well? Singing is not one of them.) Back to the topic at hand. Glorified hoe’s…. We have all seen em around either on TV or around the way in the last couple of years we have seen more and more hoe’s or should I say “Glorified Hoe’s.” Lets take a deeper look into what I mean about glorified hoe’s. These women don’t do shit good but spread they legs and look good doing it; lets be real bout the situation here. The crazy thing is, these hoe’s have moved from hollywood to a hood near you. Or some will say they never left and they ran to hollywood. Whatever the situation may be there are hoe’s getting paid more than doctors, lawyers and teachers to do what? Suck dick? Really? From my knowledge females like this are called prostitutes… am I lyin? So when did we start believing that a prostitute or a high class hoe is more important than that teacher who is teaching your seed their ABC’s? I know this girl from around the way. Sexy lil thang always have her hair did nails right and a swag that all the other females want. But unfortunately for her the only thing she do well is X rated. Now she might not know that Denver is the capital of Colorado but she sure do know how to make a man’s toes curl… heeeelllllloooooo!!!!! Point being is that she the talk of the hood and for what? She has no talents and her only intrest is creating dramma for herself to gossip about later and get praised for doing so. I have picked out some hoes that we should all recognize. Here are my top 5 famous Glorified Hoe’s….

  1. Nicole Alexander aka Hoopz. Now we seen her 1st with Flava Flav and that alone should make you understand where this is going. Then seen her in music video’s looking good and what not. Next a sextape, uh oh that damn tape leaked girl and we all found out what you do best smdh. She was so damn good NBA future hall of famer Shaq is digging that hmmmmmmmmmmmm all that sucking and fucking done got her paid huh
  2. Paris Hilton. I would give my last if anyone can tell me what this damn woman do…. in words of Kat Williams, dont worry I’ll wait…….. This girl was rich and liked to fuck and end up being famous for it; true story oh and she 2 have sextapes enough said. (sad aint it)
  3. Kim Kardashian who was discussed previously and with that said, we shall say no more.
  4. This one gets to me the worse is this bitch Kat Stacks; yes she made the list simply because she don’t deny the fact that she a hoe and being seen cause of it. Make you think these niggaz out here done lost they mind huh. She a glorified hoe and proud of it. Woooooooooooooow what the hell is wrong with the world?
  5. Karrine Steffans aka Superhead made a living for sucking dick the reason for the name Superhead. What makes Miss Steffans so bad is not only did she make great money for not doing shit, she wrote a book about who the hell she fucked to get to where she at. But I got a problem for calling females like that bitches and hoe’s smdh

To hear his thoughts on a daily basis visit his FB page here. These views expressed are in no way a reflection of We Been Gone. We love females that look good and do nothing.


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11th Jun2011

The Sh*t My Cousin Says: Is It Trickin’ If You Got It?

by DG

Words by: Chris Dorsey

Today we explore the rise of tricking and how it has become a problem…. “It aint tricking if you got it” this is the phrase I hear most to justify such behavior. Now trickin, from my understanding is paying for ass to put it the simplest form. Spending money on a female and in most cases that female being a hoe; maybe a high class hoe but a hoe none to less in hopes of fucking. Right or wrong? With that said, lets look deeper into this phrase; “It aint trickin if you got it” in other words “Its not paying for pussy if you have the money to do so.” Lets be honest, do that even make since? Now I grew up with the understanding that there is 2 things in life you never have to pay for and thats water and pussy. With the exception of a water bill that if they do shut off niggaz like my self find out where they shut it off and turn the bitch back on. What you expect? A nigga gotta wash his balls. Anyway back to this trickin biz….. Lets run down the top 5 trickin senerios…..

  1. Dude in the club buying drink after drink for this one female and I repeat for this one female you never met. Spending gas money; money you could of spend for some Jay’s or some shit. But no you blowing that money on this girl in hopes to have a happy ending only to find out she going to fuck this other dude who paid nothing. “It aint trickin if you got it tho remember?” hmmmmmmmmm
  2. Dude payin this female cell phone bill to talk to her maybe twice a week, while she sends you naked pics or whatever it takes to get you turned on not understanding she is sending them same pics to at least 3 other niggaz, but lie to you and say its all yours. hmmmmmmmm Still aint trickin if you got it right? RIGHT lol
  3. Dude in the mall with this bad bitch buying her jewelz, clothes, shoes; the whole 9 right. Go and get her hair and nails did. For her to go out in what you got her… lose one of the ear rings you paid for, have that skirt on the floor of someone else room, messing up her new hair do and scratchin another nigga back with the new nails you paid for and then coming home for round 2 to fuck you… It aint tricking if you got it huh? Sounds like to me you are paying for used material hmmmmmmmmmm
  4. This gets to me the most. Dude spending money and time with a female going to eat, movies, games and whatever else this girl might have the need to do all on your expense. But somewhere along the line dude forgets that he is paying for this woman and in all reality she is single. Still you have the nerve to want to fight another man for fucking this single woman with no cost. Who’s fault is it that your paying and he’s not? That’s like you go to the store and pay full price for that 42 inch and another man get it at clearance price. lol Don’t be mad, remember it aint tricking if you got it…
  5. This has to be the worst… Dude giving his hard earned money to this female and she turn around and spend the money you made  on another nigga. Oh I bet you feel stupid as hell dont you? But again, “it aint trickin if you got it” LMAO

To hear his thoughts on a daily basis visit his FB page here.

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