Eye Therapy: It’s Been A While Hasn’t It

by DG

This ones for all you animals that will be hunting for prey tonight. If you’re looking for a buss down, you might as well go for gold. Scroll down and see the quality of females that will be strolling the strips tonight out in the wild.

Lil Wayne – One Night Only

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Mixtape: Phil Ade – #PhilAdeFridays2

by DG

If you’ve been paying attention, Phil Ade has been dropping a new song every Friday. This is the entire compilation with a couple new joints. Tracklist and download below.

Download: Link

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New Music: R Kelly – I Quit You + Nothing On

by DG

A couple unreleased tracks from Robert’s collection have surfaced. He has described his next album, Black Panties as “the new 12 Play.” Either way if it’s Kelz, you can’t go wrong.

R Kelly – I Quit You

R Kelly – Nothing On

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Video: Wiz Khalifa Today – Dance Off

by DG

Well… no matter what your opinion is, he kept it 100 when he said he was young, wild and free. It’s hard to slander him for the simple fact that Amber Rose is in the background giggling.

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Mixtape: Soulja Boy – Gold On Deck

by DG

Waka Flocka has replaced Soulja Boy in my musical collections. Since this is the most ignorant time of the year, I’m giving Deandre another chance with this one. Tracklist and download below.

01. Soulja Boy – Intro (1:38)
02. Soulja Boy – Gold On Deck [Produced By Soulja Boy] (4:21)
03. Soulja Boy – Smoking Session [Produced By Lil Keis] (3:58)
04. Soulja Boy – Swim [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:58)
05. Soulja Boy – Hustler [Produced By Lil Keis] (5:12)
06. Soulja Boy – In My Own Lane (3:38)
07. Soulja Boy – No Instruments (4:13)
08. Soulja Boy – I Will [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:29)
09. Soulja Boy – Jock The Steezo [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:18)
10. Soulja Boy – Boss [Produced By Sonny Digital] (1:35)
11. Soulja Boy – Don’t Sleep (Feat. Young Lo) (3:07)
12. Soulja Boy – Thats My Nigga (4:18)
13. Soulja Boy – Gold Mouth (4:18)
14. Soulja Boy – Swagg Daddy [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:29)
15. Soulja Boy – Swagg Mobb (Feat. Sean Kingston, Young Lo & KwonyCash) (3:46)
16. Soulja Boy – F.A.N. [Produced By DJ Mustard] (3:12)
17. Soulja Boy – P.A.P.E.R (I Sell Swag) [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:22)
18. Soulja Boy – Owe Nobody Shit (3:27)

Download: Link

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Music Video: Droop-E ft. Kendrick Lamar – Rossi Wine (Free my Mind)

by DG

I don’t know how this got past me but it might be my new anthem. Droop-E is E-40′s son for those of you that don’t know who he is. This is a cut from his upcoming Hungry & Humble album.

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Men Lie, Women Lie: How Much Baby Money Did Jay-Z Make In The Last 5 Years?

by DG

In 2007 FORBES released the first ever Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, an annual accounting of hip-hop’s top earners. The top three on the list Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Diddy-created a song called “I Get Money (The Forbes 1-2-3 Remix)” to mark the occasion. Five years later, the same trio has amassed the most cash in the past half-decade. Jay-Z leads the pack with $251 million, thanks largely to a bevy of deals including a 10-year, $150 million pact with Live Nation (for more, see my Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind). Next up is 50 Cent at $216 million, roughly half that sum coming from the sale of his VitaminWater stake in 2007. Diddy rounds out the top three at $158 million, boosted in recent years by his lucrative Ciroc vodka agreement.

50 Cent ft. Diddy & Jay-Z – I Get Money (Remix)

1. Jay-z 251 million

2. 50 Cent 216 million

3. Diddy 158 million

4. Kanye West 100 million

5. Timberland 81 million

6. Dr.Dre 80 million

7. Pharell 76 million

8. Snoop Dogg 73 million

9. Ludacris 68 million

10. Lil Wayne and Eminem 66 million

Full article via Forbes

Rap Up: New Music (Crooked I, Tony Williams & More)

by DG

211 malt liquor is the devil’s way of cleansing us. My hatred for the Lakers is deeply rooted within my soul. Apollo The Great can rap for real. We still don’t have universal health care. Add-2 brought up a good point… we went from calling each other brothers and sisters to dogs and bitches. The concept of narrating the show by using Dexter’s thoughts is ingenious. Fuck a blog dawg, one day we gon meet.

A.P. – Lightskinned Death

Apollo The Great – HYNJ

Cassidy ft. Jag – Trappin/Clappin

Crooked I – C.O.B. Motto

J The S – WTF

Sheek Louch – Celebrate Freestyle

Tony Williams ft. Chip Tha Ripper & Fonzworth Bentley – Marsha Brady

Tuge – Bo Diddley

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Eye Therapy: Get Familiar With Kimberly Vanilla

by DG

Kimberly Vanilla is a 21 year old model from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but currently resides in Los Angeles. We spoke to her about hip-hop, success, sports and more.

What is the last song you listened to?
The Real Her – Drake feat. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000, this Drake album been on heavy repeat.

Who is your favorite artist of all time? …and right now?
It’s hard to pick an all time favorite artist because I like a lot of different genres, but it’d have to be a tie between Slum Village & A Tribe Called Quest. My favorite artists right now would be Jay-Z, Kanye and Drake.

What’s your definition of success?
To me, the definition of success is only evident when you love what you do and you’re completely content with your life.

What or who inspires you?
Ambition. Meeting ambitious people drive me to persevere more, that encouragement is the greatest inspiration you can ever have. When someone believes in you and what you do, that’s true inspiration.

Are you a fan of sports… if so what are your favorite teams?
Big basketball fan. Thank GOD it’s back, did that lockout drive you crazy? Been a Laker fan ever since I started watching, you know what I’ll be doing Christmas day.

What’s one article of clothing or accessory that you can’t go without?
My stunnas. I never leave the house without my shades. I feel naked without em. Aside that, my Chanel stud earrings.

What do you want to be remembered for?
Being the baddest ride or die chick.

What’s one thing you’re attracted to?
Confidence, not arrogance. There’s a very fine line between the two. Also, boys who say “please” and “thank you”.

Video: Malice Speaks About His Book, Christ & His Experiences

by DG

It seems like Malice is doing good. I can’t ever knock a man for believing and pursuing his faith, but the streets need that coke rap g.

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New Music: French Montana ft. Ace Hood – You Don’t Hear Me Though

by J.Waves

French and Ace Hood link up for a new track titled “Y’all Don’t Hear Me Though”. I’m usually not a big French fan but this song is tough.

French Montana – You Don’t Hear Me Though Ft. Ace Hood [Prod. By The Renegades]

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New Music: Maino ft. T.I. & Meek Mill – Cream (Remix)

by J.Waves

Flex provides the bombs for Maino’s remix to his single “Cream” with help from Tip and Meek Mill.

Maino – Cream (Remix) ft. T.I. & Meek Mill [Tagged]

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Mixtape: Fabolous – There Is No Competition 3 (No DJ)

by J.Waves

Now we can enjoy Fab’s newest mixtape without the random screaming and rewinds from DJ Drama. I wasn’t really feeling the tape at first (minus the last few songs) but maybe with out the added distractions I can focus on more of Fabs bars.

Download: Fabolous – There Is No Competition 3 (No DJ)

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Video: Nitty Scott, MC Speaks About Females In Hip-Hop, Selling Out & Freestyles

by DG

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Nitty Scott, MC. She speaks on Nicki Minaj comparisons, female hip-hop, doing it for more than the money, spits a freestyle, the evolution of hip-hop, what sh is mixed with, her first rap name, her breakout point, her new mixtape “Doobies and Popsicle Sticks “& much more!

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