New Music: Soulja Boy ft. Game – Too Faded

by DG

My new fake anthem has arrived. I don’t care what you lyrical accountants/too cool guys say, I have and am a fan of Soulja Boy. Game rips this one and implies that he boned Kim K before Kris H…

Soulja Boy ft. Game – Too Faded

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Mixtape: Soulja Boy – Gold On Deck

by DG

Waka Flocka has replaced Soulja Boy in my musical collections. Since this is the most ignorant time of the year, I’m giving Deandre another chance with this one. Tracklist and download below.

01. Soulja Boy – Intro (1:38)
02. Soulja Boy – Gold On Deck [Produced By Soulja Boy] (4:21)
03. Soulja Boy – Smoking Session [Produced By Lil Keis] (3:58)
04. Soulja Boy – Swim [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:58)
05. Soulja Boy – Hustler [Produced By Lil Keis] (5:12)
06. Soulja Boy – In My Own Lane (3:38)
07. Soulja Boy – No Instruments (4:13)
08. Soulja Boy – I Will [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:29)
09. Soulja Boy – Jock The Steezo [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:18)
10. Soulja Boy – Boss [Produced By Sonny Digital] (1:35)
11. Soulja Boy – Don’t Sleep (Feat. Young Lo) (3:07)
12. Soulja Boy – Thats My Nigga (4:18)
13. Soulja Boy – Gold Mouth (4:18)
14. Soulja Boy – Swagg Daddy [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:29)
15. Soulja Boy – Swagg Mobb (Feat. Sean Kingston, Young Lo & KwonyCash) (3:46)
16. Soulja Boy – F.A.N. [Produced By DJ Mustard] (3:12)
17. Soulja Boy – P.A.P.E.R (I Sell Swag) [Produced By Soulja Boy] (3:22)
18. Soulja Boy – Owe Nobody Shit (3:27)

Download: Link

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Rap Up: Mixtapes (2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, Nipsey Hussle, Raheem DeVaughn, Trey Songz & More)

by DG

If you were out scouring the town for heauxs wearing Halloween costumes in attempts to see their birthday suits, then you probably didn’t notice that the entire industry decided to drop a mixtape. Over the past 36 hours we’ve seen the likes of 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, Freddie Gibbs, Immortal Technique, Iron Solomon, Jim Jones, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, Nipsey Hussle, PUSH! Montana, Raheem DeVaughn, Soulja Boy, Trey Songs and Young Chris drop projects. All of the downloads can be found below. Wale’s long awaited Ambition hit stores today as well.

2 Chainz – T.R.U. Realigion


A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveASAP


Birdman & Mack Maine – Billionaire Minds


Cuffing Season Volume 1


Fat Joe – The Darkside Vol. 2


Freddie Gibbs – Cold Day In Hell


Immortal Technique – The Martyr


Iron Solomon – Redrum Radio


Jim Jones – Vampire Life: We Own The Night


LEP Bogus Boys – Now Or Neva


Nipsey Hussle – The Marathon Continues


PUSH! Montana – When PUSH! Comes To Shove


Raheem DeVaughn – Freedom Fighter


Soulja Boy – Skate Boy


Trey Songz – #LemmeHoldDatBeat2


Trey Songz – Anitipaction II


Young Chris & Cardiak – The Revival

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Mixtape: Soulja Boy – Supreme

by DG

Soulja Boy back! Soulja Boy back! One of my favorite ignorant guys hits us with a tape inspired by Supreme clothing. I see he has Treal Lee & Prince Rick on here as well… smart move; they’re next up.

01. Soulja Boy – Beezy When U Droppin’ (5:00)
02. Soulja Boy – Video Game Swag (3:36)
03. Soulja Boy – Nintendo 64 (Feat. KillaCamSODMG) (3:37)
04. Soulja Boy – Different Girl (4:49)
05. Soulja Boy – Left Cheek Right Cheek (5:07)
06. Soulja Boy – No More Holding On (3:49)
07. Soulja Boy – Right Now (5:07)
08. Soulja Boy – Video Game Music (3:16)
09. Soulja Boy – Wanna 69 (3:41)
10. Soulja Boy – ASAP (4:13)
11. Soulja Boy – Doing What I’m Doing (2:37)
12. Soulja Boy – Fire (4:51)
13. Soulja Boy – Go Hard (5:00)
14. Soulja Boy – Girl Go In (3:29)
15. Soulja Boy – Go In (4:50)
16. Soulja Boy – Guapin’ (4:00)
17. Soulja Boy – Kingpin Beezy (4:28)
18. Soulja Boy – Playstation 3 (3:28)
19. Soulja Boy – Rich Nigga Shit (4:52)
20. Soulja Boy – Rollin’ (3:51)
21. Soulja Boy – Shut It Down (3:59)
22. Soulja Boy – We Guapin’ (2:43)
23. Soulja Boy – Yessirr (3:18)
24. Soulja Boy – I Love My Haters (Feat. Treal Lee & Prince Rick) (4:24)

Download here:  Soulja Boy – Supreme

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New Music: Chris Brown – Marvin’s Room Remix

by DG

Chris Brown – Marvin’s Room Remix

I’m convinced that Rihanna’s bocks is cut from the finest diamond and lined with satin. I can rock with this song but this needs to be it with the remixes. Oh yeah, Drake and Chris Brown will be sending subliminal shots all summer long. Down below is a joint Chris did with Soulja Boy.
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Chris Brown ft. Soulja Boy – Bad

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Gucci Mane Gets a Triple Scoop Ice Cream Cone Tatted on His Face

by DG

I guess if you are going to get these types of tattoos you expect to be a rapper for life. Below are some more rappers with face tattoos.

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Men Lie, Women Lie: First Week Sales for T.I. and More Albums Reach Gold

by DG

Hit the jump below to view the sales of T.I. and see who went gold.


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Video: Soulja Boy ft. 50 Cent – Mean Mug

by DG

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Interview: Wall Street Journal Speaks With Soulja Boy

by DG

In this video Soulja Boy speaks on how he used the internet to come up and business moves.

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50 Cent and Soulja Boy Cover XXL’s November Issue

by DG

With his highly-anticipated third solo album, The DeAndre Way, on deck, SB has seen his name in the headlines and Twitter timelines for more than just music. A magnet for controversy, the young star has always managed to persevere despite persistent haters and even personal scandals. “I’m still learning,” Soulja Boy told XXL writer Matt Barone. “I’ve been through a lot this year, and it’s nothing I expected. I just wanna rap, and I wake up and have some shit on me, out the blue, every single day. But, really, all it does is feed my ego.”

SB on his connection to 50 Cent: “Being Black, with money, from the hood, struggles, and coming from nothing to something, of course you’re going to share the common struggles. You going to have people hate. You going to have people that change on you, and all that. So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did—if there wasn’t no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy. You know what I mean?”

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