10th Sep2011

Album: Young Jeezy’s TM 103 Pushed Back… Again

by DG

So it looks like the Snowman has been pushed back once again. Neither of his singles have caught fire yet and he hasn’t released anything (tracklisting, artwork, etc.) related to the album. I personally feel like he could have dropped last summer if they would’ve pushed “Lose My Mind”. Last night it was rumored his album was pushed back when MMG’s twitter posted this:

If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen the cover art or tracklisting for Young Jeezy’s TM 103, there’s a good reason. The Atlanta rapper’s album has been pushed back once again.

The Snowman’s long-delayed LP TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition will no longer be dropping on September 20. The push-back is the latest in a series of delays that began in 2009. So far, the album has spawned the singles “Ballin’” featuring Lil Wayne and “Shake Life.” A new date has not been announced.

Jeezy, who just came off a nationwide tour, originally announced the September 20 date at his six-year anniversary show in New York in July. He later explained the reason behind the delay.

“I’ma keep it real. At the time, you know I had to go live life,” he previously told Hot 93.7’s Jenny Boom Boom. “I was on two big tours [with Lil Wayne and Jay-Z], so I was just doing a lot of rapper things. I get my music from the streets and livin’—and I didn’t live. I didn’t do Jeezy. I was doing Young Jeezy, the rapper, but I wasn’t doing Jeezy. So I went back home and kinda just got out and started moving around. It just all came together.”

To tide fans over, Jeezy recently released his mixtape The Real Is Back 2 featuring Birdman, Freddie Gibbs, and Yo Gotti.

via RapUp

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