16th Jan2011

We Been Gone Exclusive: Gudda Gudda’s Chain Snatced in MN ***Video Footage Added***

by DG

Earlier this morning I got a call from one of my guys in Minnesota saying Gudda Gudda got his chained snatched. To protect the innocent I won’t use his name but he is a reputable source. This is what he told me:

Last night, Young Money hosted a show at Club Olmeca in Burnsville, MN which isn’t too far from the Twin Cities. Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine headlined the show and performed all of YM’s hits. Gudda was sporting a yellow gold dog tag with the YM emblem covered in black and red diamonds. During their performance of the song “Bedrock” a Cambodian blood gang that goes by the name G.M.F. began to flex their muscles. One member of G.M.F. snatched Gudda’s chain and jumped off stage. Gudda proceeded to jump into the crowd and strike the chain snatcher 3 to 4 times before security stepped in. The club broke into mayhem as the G.M.F. began fighting security. I was told the chain snatcher got beat up pretty badly but Gudda’s chain was no where to be found. This morning Gudda tweeted “Great show in Minnesota until this bum ass nigga tried to snatch my chain and didnt make it out the club wit it! Nice try pussy!”

It’s 2011 and rappers are still getting their chains taken? In public? These guys need to realize that people are hungry and will do whatever to whoever to eat. A lot of the times something like this happens because the artist acts as if he is untouchable or above the fans. Now we would all like to believe Gudda recovered his chain but my source tells me that is untrue. So until the chain is spotted (most likely in a WSHH video posted by the robbers) the dog tags will be a Young Berg mystery. Hit the jump below to see some footage from the show and view Gudda’s tweets this morning.

Gudda gets his chain snatched at the 4:50 mark during his performance of Bedrock as we reported.

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