Just My Thoughts: Truth Is…

by J.Waves

Us bloggers at We Been Gone care about the kids and the future of our world. That’s why we practice safe sex, refuse to post World Star Hip-Hop videos and only turn to BET twice a year. We can’t be 100% sure that all of our hard work will pay dividends, so we decided to provide the good people on the internet with the truth. No matter how outlandish, unconventional or obnoxious it might be… it has to be told.

  • Truth is… no matter how much money I have in my account, I still get mad nervous whenever I slide my debit card at the store.
  • Truth is… me and my cousin performed concerts in living rooms way before Ray J did.
  • Truth is… when you ask most girls what their Halloween costume is, they should say, “I’m a heaux.”  I’m NOT complaining at all; I’m just saying when is the last time you saw a sexy librarian in real life?
  • Truth is… people will act like they don’t care about the NBA lockout until Christmas Day when there are no sports on and they actually have to spend time with their family.
  • Truth is… if a girl request me on Facebook, I thoroughly examine her relationship status for a few days before she gets full acceptance.
  • Truth is… this isn’t the first site DG and I made. The first one failed… badly.
  • Truth is… over 79% of men stay faithful because they have pornography.
  • Truth is… I’m a fake asshole for at least 24 hours after I watch House.
  • Truth is… I don’t have the heart to call out liars, so I hit them with the, “for real?” reply.
  • Truth is… you’re a “bad bitch,” but when I call you a bitch you get mad… so wait…?
  • Truth is… most dudes want a girl with no dreams or aspirations.
  • Truth is… girls without online accounts are the most devious.
  • Truth is… Tim Tebow isn’t.
  • Truth is… I keep at least 7 pending friend requests at a time just to make myself feel fake important.
  • Truth is… in 10th grade I used to flirt with a Mexican girl so I could cheat off her in spanish class.


Beanie Sigel – The Truth


When someone tells you that “the truth will set you free,” you should punch them in the face and I’ll tell you why. Take a good look at Beans up there playing real life Call of Duty. Now imagine calling him into your office to say the label is breaking up and he is being dropped. Even worse, imagine yourself sitting in court and telling the judge you can’t vouch for him to go on tour. Now do you see why Jay-Z  ‘Barry Sandered’ his way out of Rocafella? Then again, most of you believe your girl when she says “I was sleeping” so your opinion is void. Anyways, these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree, your aunt probably gave my uncles head back in the day. It’s time for me to go clean my house (cousin’s living room) and make my bed (cousin’s couch). In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

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Rap Up: New Music (Beanie Sigel, Jim Jones, Jon Connor, Lloyd Banks, Pusha T & More)

by DG

Tip hops on his cousins record, Jim Jones & Maino make a track about someone I dislike at the moment, Pusha releases a verse & more.

BIGG Homie ft. Beanie Sigel – Still Got It

Consequence – OG Shot Caller

Jim Jones ft. Maino – So Athletic (Michael Vick)

Jon Connor – That’s What He Does

Lloyd Banks – We Fuckin (Radio Rip)

Pusha T – Peso Freestyle

Rich Kid Shawty ft. T.I – Wanna Win

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Mixtape: Young Chris & Cardiak – The Revival

by J.Waves

Young Chris drops off his latest mixtape The Revival which is solely produced by Cardiak. The mixtape has features from Lloyd Banks, Meek Mill, Vado, Freeway, Beanie Sigel, and more.

Download: Young Chris & Cardiak – “The Revival”



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Music Video: Travis Barker ft. Beanie Sigel, Bun B & Kobe – Just Chill

by DG

Beanie Sigel is one of the dopest emcee’s to ever write down bars about the struggle. B. Coming is a classic IMO, but what do I know? I’m just a blogger that uses public transportation to chase my dreams.

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New Music: Ace Hood – “Go N Get It (Remix)” Ft. Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T & Styles P

by J.Waves

Ace Hood – “Go N Get It (Remix)” Ft. Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, Pusha T & Styles P

Maybe this will have the same impact for Ace Hood like the Hustle Hard Remix did since the original never popped.

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Rap Up: New Music (Beanie Sigel, Jim Jones, Meek Mill, Rozay & More)

by DG

Beanie Sigel – Hold Up (Where U Been)

Consequence – The Plagiarist Society (Pusha T Diss)

Jim Jones Ft Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson – Ill Be Back (Radio Rip)

Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross – Work

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Interview: Beanie Sigel Sits Down with DJ Green Lantern (Video)

by DG

3 Little Digs followed Beanie Sigel around the ATL & one of the spots he visited was Invasion Radio with DJ Green Lantern… Beans talks about his future music plans & clears the air about his recent statements toward Jay-Z.

Below are quotes of him talking about his shots toward Hov.

Beanie Sigel: “I Never made a public apology. I talked to somebody from a magazine and they brought this issue up. You never hear me quote say “apology,” Sigel told Boss Lady.
What I said was.. to stop that interviewer from asking me those questions and for everybody else.

“What I said… I don’t want to talk about that no more. I off that, I’m passed that.”

“I said well ‘listen’ we talking about me and not nobody else. Regardless whatever Jay did that was wrong , the one thing that he did do that outweighed a lot of things that he didn’t do, or could of, should of did, was give me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get them opportunities. If people took that me apologizing, I got nothing to apologize for.
I felt how I felt and I still feel how I feel. But I’m just letting it go for everyone else. Hustler’s number one rule is never lose your cool.”

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What’s Beef: Beanie Sigel Apologizes to Jay-Z

by DG

“What Mike Epps say? ‘Gangstas fuck up too,’” Sigel exclusively told XXLMag.com over the phone, while in his native Philadelphia today (May 31). “Whatever I felt this dude Jay did wrong to me, it can’t outweigh the one thing he did do for me – he gave me an opportunity. Dude gave me an opportunity. A lot of people don’t get opportunities. He gave me that. That outweighs everything. I need that in black and white. I got caught in the moment and put my feelings out there. I should have never done that.”

I hate the fact that there is bitterness between these two. Jay-Z and Beans together made several classic hits. Hopefully they can get back to that space one day. Full article via XXL.

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