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Art: 3D Sidewalk Designs

Hit the jump below to see alot more artwork. This sh** is crazy.

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The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Magazine Covers of All Time

Before the blog boom, the magazine was the principle information source for hip-hop heads. In those days the publication world was merely a reflection of the hip-hop industry and a driving force within it. Frequently their most memorable component was the gift wrap on every issue—the cover. Cover images burned forever into the hip-hop consciousness. They were pasted to lockers and bedroom walls, as well as autographed at shows. They broke stories and told stories. They fueled beefs, squashed beefs, and then mourned the consequences of those left unresolved. They bolstered identities and sometimes even created them. In celebration of the form, we took a look back at 50 of the greatest magazine covers that hip-hop ever produced. And yes, we included a few of our own, although we did our best to be as objective as possible.

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Design: 1,300 Punching Bags Used to Create Muhammad Ali’s Face

Muhammad Ali always said he was the prettiest thing that ever lived. He has a point. It does take a certain beauty to make 1,300 punching bags, five miles of stainless steel and two miles of aluminum tubing look like a work of art. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a talented sculptor rendering those materials.

California artist Michael Kalish will unveil his Ali art installation, “reALIze,” later this month in Los Angeles. The project, which depicts the three-time heavyweight champ by using speed bags, stands two stories high, fills up 15,00 cubic feet and includes five miles of stainless steel, two miles of aluminum tubing and 1,300 of Ali’s favorite practice targets. Kalish told the Los Angeles Times that it took three months to design the sculpture and five months to build it.

Full Article via Yahoo.

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Interview: Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant Shoe Designers

It’s crazy to see how much detail goes into these shoes. I would suggest watching. There are hidden symbols, numbers and words throughout the whole shoe. Hit the jump below to view the designer of the KD III explain his shoe.

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Michael Jordan’s Dinner Table Has a Hole For Every Point He Scored

Nevertheless, Sirvet, a local sculptor who works in metal, knew that he would be competing against several artists for the honor of crafting a dining room table for His Airness. He wanted something that would catch Jordan’s eye, so he proposed a table drilled with one hole for every point Jordan scored in his basketball career, totaling 32,292 (The table actually has 32,296 holes if you include the holes drilled for each leveling foot, but Sirvet doesn’t count those).

“[If I were him,] I’d like to see some manifestation of my life’s work,” says Sirvet. “It’s gotta be cool to sit back and say, ‘I can quantitatively look back at every point I’ve scored.’”

via TBD

It doesn’t look to appealing but the idea behind it is interesting.

Design: Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal / Asymptote

via Evolvo

Design: Crowsnest Modular Home / Challenger

via ArchDaily

Design: Whitney Downtown Museum

via New York Architects

Design: Ron Artest (Los Angeles Lakers)

The Great Indian Traveller

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