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Featured Artists: As fans of hip-hop, we at We Been Gone would like to shed light on the artists that we feel create good music. The artists will be featured in a month long series which will include a detailed bio, interview; face to face, via phone or e-mail, video (for local artists we will shoot and produce), song (we have producers that are willing to work with artists), and a blog excerpt at the end of the month. In order to become a featured artist, please submit a song, website url, and contact info to [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]

There’s a real element of surprise when Nitty Scott, MC, picks up a microphone and reveals the abstract and outspoken artist living inside the pocket-sized beauty. The art school grad writes and spits her own messages of positivity, knowledge and empowerment without sacrificing femininity and slick delivery. One of the few females creating a lane in organic, conscious rap, Nitty Scott, MC is the fly girl who ain’t afraid to get down with the cipher. She learned to appreciate the universal, political and spiritual elements of good music from her father, raising her on the sounds of Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, 2Pac and the like from as early as she can remember. A current NYC socialite and blog personality as well, Nitty Scott, MC is soon to take the urban underground by storytelling storm.“Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York,” the lyrical femcee says of herself. Nitzia Scott was born in the midwestern city of Grand Rapids, Michigan to her Puerto-Rican mother and New Orleans-born African-American father, to whom she credits her diversity to.

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New Orleans, LA – Has the recession ended the ‘bling rap’ era? Does it signal a return to songs with more substance? Up-and-comer Dee-1 is counting on it. Not to say that he wishes to be placed in the commercially overlooked ‘backpacker’ rap pack; he’d rather carve his own lane, but Dee-1 didn’t take his decision to leave his full-time position as a middle school teacher, to become a full-time music artist, lightly. David Augustine aka Dee-1 always had a passion for music. After graduating from Louisiana State with a Bachelors in marketing, he began teaching middle school as a way of funding that passion. The strong bond he built with his students, even as his notoriety as a local artist began to grow, made him realize that being Dee-1 gave him a much larger platform to enlighten than being Mr. Augustine and so, his career choice was made. Since then there has been his highly successful mixtapes, Still We Rise, I Am Who I Am and I Hope They Hear Me, an independent album, David & Goliath (nominated for for Hip Hop Album of the Year by Offbeat magazine) and live performances alongside the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Trey Songz, Akon, Talib Kweli and more, where his star power was evident. Dee-1 was also the first rap act to win the annual Louisiana State University “Battle of the Bands.” Next up for this unapologetic musical educator is his new mixtape, I Hope They Hear Me: Vol. #2, set to drop as a free download later this year. The first single/video for the tape is “Jay, 50 and Weezy”, a lyrical challenge from Dee- 1 to those he looks up to in the game.

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Jay, 50, Weezy Music Video

One Man Army (Remix) Music Video

We Been Gone Exclusive Dee-1 Interview

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