For the month of March we will be hosting a contest to select the We Been Gone Featured Artist of the Month. To enter the contest you must e-mail us ([email protected] or [email protected]) or fill out the form under the Contact Us tab above. In order to be accepted you must send us download links or links to a website that has your music on it. The contest itself will be in tournament form. Each artist will be entered into a bracket and our readers will vote to see who advances to the next round. We will be accepting entrants until February 23rd.

We Been Gone Featured Artists Benefits:

  • Over 5,000 readers a day will be able to listen to your music
  • You will receive a free beat
  • We will direct, produce and edit a music video for you (must be local)
  • Your interview will be sent to all major blogs and forums
  • We will post any new material you make within the month
  • A blog excerpt will be posted at the end of the month detailing you as an artist

This is a good way to gain exposure to a broad audience of readers and listeners. To view our Featured Artists for the past two months visit the Featured Artists tab at the top of the page.

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