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Listen Up: Can You Tell If Your Girl Is Faking Orgasms?

What you need to know:

  • It’s the screamers and the thrashers who are very often the fakers.
  • Pacing of breath, body temperature and muscle tension all indicate a state of orgasm.
  • Women fake orgasms for reasons like stress, performance anxiety and body-image issues.

I know we usually don’t post these type of things but with summer upon us I figured we could help out where we can. A lot of dudes will be hesitant to admit but everyone’s girl has faked an orgasm from time to time. The only problem is when dudes can’t tell. Hit the jump below if you fall into that category.

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Show Money: Nicki Minaj Performs “Moment 4 Life” on Jay Leno

Nicki Minaj ft. Drake – Moment 4 Life

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The Bedroom: 8 Tips on How to Achieve the Female Orgasm

1. First, you need have sex in a space where she’s comfortable and relaxed – like a bedroom that’s dimly lit. Studies show that women need to feel relaxed and mentally at ease to be able to orgasm. So do whatever you can to help your partner feel secure and comfortable.

2. Stimulate her sense of fantasy. Research has found that the vast majority of women fantasize during sex, probably because fantasy helps with that critical component of mental relaxation and distraction from reality. So tell her something really hot that places her at the center of the fantasy.

3. Enjoy foreplay. Lots of it. In fact, think of foreplay as a complete act of lovemaking, from start to finish. Treat her entire body like an erotic landscape: kissing, hugging, oral sex. Most women, although certainly not all, claim that receiving oral sex is the way they most consistently orgasm, but many guys only think of foreplay as an appetizer to the bigger meal of intercourse. Instead of intercourse, indulge in a lavish meal of outercourse.

4. Recognize the visible signs of female arousal, mainly the muscular tension that develops throughout her body and will ultimately demand release. Look especially for tension in the hands and feet and throughout her pelvic area.

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