18th Dec2010

Eye Therapy: Rosa Acosta New Calender Photo Shoot

by DG

Hit the jump below to see the video for Rosa Acosta’s calender shoot.


16th Dec2010

Ciara on Chelsea Lately

by J.Waves

14th Dec2010

Eye Therapy: Jessica Biel and Her Backside

by DG

Hit the jump below to view Jessica Biel in a nude strip scene. *Must be 18*


12th Dec2010

Eye Therapy: Rihanna Perfroms at the X Factor Final

by DG

06th Dec2010

Picture Me: Amber Rose Stunts in a Lamborghini Gallardo

by DG

According to Lamborghini, the 2010 Gallardo LP560-4 coupe has a top speed of 202 mph and can blast from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

‘Inside the low-roofed cabin, the LP560-4′s attempt to violate Newton’s second law is a comprehensive assault on the senses,’ says Motor Trend.

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05th Dec2010

Eye Therapy: Keyshia Dior Named XXL’s Eye Candy of the Year

by DG

She was rumored to be Gucci Mane’s girl but who knows. Hit the jump below for more video


02nd Dec2010

Keri Hilson Says “I Got the Kind of P*ssy That Will Keep You Off the Streets”

by DG


02nd Dec2010

Eye Therapy: Kanye Sits Down With Rihanna for Interview Magazine

by DG

WEST: Were you the coolest kid in high school?

RIHANNA: I didn’t get along with people very well. I got along with guys, but I hated the girls and the teachers. So I kind of just . . .

WEST: Is that where you got your swag?

RIHANNA: Yeah. I mean, all my friends, even if they weren’t in my school, were always guys. My mother didn’t understand that for a long time. There were all these different guys calling the house, and she probably had a totally different idea of what was happening. [laughs] But then I met my friend Melissa [Forde], and my mom trusted Melissa, because she was older than me, so she became my best friend. Then I started being able to go out and hang out, and it was fun after that.

WEST: How did you get signed?

RIHANNA: Well, I met Evan [Rogers] and Carl [Sturken], these two producers who live here in New York. They are both mar­ried to Barbadian women, so they go there to vacation all the time. My friend introduced me to them, and I sang for them, and we talked, and they had me and my mom come back a couple of days later. After that, we started traveling to New York, working on a demo. Within a year, it was done, and we sent it out. Def Jam was the first label to call back. We got other calls, but they were the most enthusiastic. It was so nerve-wracking, though, the whole experience.

Full Article via Interview

01st Dec2010

The Bullits – Close Your Eyes (Starring Jay Electronica & Lucy Liu)

by DG

I don’t understand how this song came about but I like it. I added some visuals to Lucy Liu’s voice as well.

30th Nov2010

Eye Therapy: Nicole Scherzinger Spread in the UK’s Fabulous Magazine

by DG

Hit the jump below for more pictures


29th Nov2010

Eye Therapy: Eve “Inked” Magazine January Spread

by DG

This should be hitting shelves sometime before the New Year

21st Nov2010

Rap Up: American Music Awards (Pictures & Video)

by DG