28th Sep2011

Just My Thoughts: The J. Cole Won Edition

by J.Waves

What you say Cole ain’t hot? what! Where you read that shit? You believe that shit?  All cause some lame nigga tweet that shit?  Have you seen my shows? Have you seen my hoes? If I wasn’t hot would they be so thick?

Yep, another J. Cole Post.  In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 72 hours,  Cole’s debut album was released today (9/27/11).  Many people believed that it would never see the light of day and Cole would  become Willow Smith’s future hairstylist in a matter of months. Some believed that he might even join a group with Beanie Sigel & Consequence and make a full album dising The Throne.  But nope, none of that happened and Cole World: The Sideline Story was shipped and now it’s sailing/selling.

It doesn’t mean he won just because his album is on the shelves though.  Cole won because he captured the one demographic that he needs in order to become successful…. WHITE GIRLS. Every single rapper who ever tied on a multicolored du-rag, opened up their pirated recording software, approached the mic in a stain covered white wife beater, spit Shyne (post prison) struggle bars on a Lex Luger knock off beat from soundclick/youtube dreams of…  WHITE GIRLS.  Actually, any kind of white fans guarantees you will prosper (how you think Wayne sells millions?).  But something about having snowbunnies as fans means you will always win.

Usher used to make music for black people during the 8701 and Confessions days. Yea that shit changed at premium fileserve speeds when he realized that he could make wack albums and still sell millions as long as he made pop songs for the snowbunnies to dance off beat to.  As long as you have white girls driving down the street doing awkward hand movements and openly reciting the word nigga while nobody is around you will prosper.

Remember when “Work Out” was released and none of the black people you know liked it?  Yea that shit really didn’t matter because the bunnies did and you will soon learn (if you haven’t already) that they run the music industry.

All you rappers remember white girls BUY albums.  So stop making music for real niggas and start making music for the those beautiful brunette tenders of the world. With that said I’m out… I have to go rummage through the thirst ridden streets of facebook and look for girls quoting “She Will” so I can find a future sex partner y’all have a nice day.


Oh yea JoJo Simmons LOST

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