• When: Feb. 18-20
  • Where: Los Angeles
  • Friday: Celebrity All-Star Game, (ESPN, 7 ET)
    Rookie-Sophomore Game, (TNT, 9 ET)
  • Saturday: All-Star Saturday Night, (TNT, 8 ET) The 2011 slam dunk contest will feature DeMar DeRozan, Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka and JaVale McGee.
  • Sunday: 2011 NBA All-Star Game, (TNT, 8 ET)

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Dwyane Wade, Guard, Miami Heat
Derrick Rose, Guard, Chicago Bulls
LeBron James, Forward, Miami Heat
Amare Stoudemire, Forward, New York Knicks
Dwight Howard, Center, Orlando Magic

Ray Allen, Boston Celtics
Chris Bosh, Miami Heat
Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics
Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks
Joe Johnson, Atlanta Hawks
Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics
Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics

Kobe Bryant, Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Chris Paul, Guard, New Orleans Hornets
Carmelo Anthony, Forward, Denver Nuggets
Kevin Durant, Forward, Oklahoma City Thunder
Yao Ming, Center, Houston Rockets (injured, will not play)

Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
Pau Gasol, Los Angeles Lakers
Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs
Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers
Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves (injury replacement)
Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas Mavericks
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder
Deron Williams, Utah Jazz