08th Jun2011

The League: Magic Speaks About Lebron & Jordan Comparison

by DG

Stephen A Smith Radio Interview With Magic Johnson:

I think Lebron is just the best all-around player we have in the game today.

Stephen A Smith
Be careful about saying that Magic Johnson becuase when you say something like that Lebron James we’ll automatically think that, we’ll compare your quotes to that of Scottie Pippen who had the audacity to say that he was better than Michael Jordan I mean be careful Magic.

I’m not going to be as crazy or as stupid as Scottie Pippen, I mean I love Scottie Pippen and Scottie has a right to his “opinion”. But Stephen A, Lebron James is not even close and let me say that one more time not even close to Michael Jordan, and so I think that it’s great that we want to compare him to Mr. Air Jordan but until you start winning championships and all of that and dominate the way Michael dominated and then, just look at this 6 titles and he was the MVP in every single finals that’s just amazing and I won’t even talk about all the other things that he did.

I agree with Magic… Read the rest after the jump.
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