How do I add lyrics to Google Play music?

How do I add lyrics to Google Play music? Jul, 21 2023

Understanding the Benefits of Adding Lyrics to Google Play Music

I love listening to music while reading the lyrics simultaneously. It's a fun way to learn new songs and understand their meanings better. Google Play Music doesn't offer a built-in feature for viewing lyrics, but don't worry! There are ways to add lyrics to your favorite songs and in this section, I'll explain why it's beneficial to do so.

Firstly, having lyrics handy can improve your song's understanding, especially if it's in a foreign language or has complex poetry. Secondly, if you're a karaoke enthusiast like me, having lyrics accessible can help you perfect your singing performance. Lastly, it can enhance your overall music experience, making it more engaging and enjoyable. So let's dive into the steps of how to add lyrics to Google Play Music.

Finding the Perfect Lyrics App

Since Google Play Music doesn't have a built-in lyrics feature, you'll need to download a third-party app that provides this service. There are several options available on the Play Store. Some popular ones include Musixmatch, Genius, and Lyrically. These apps have extensive databases of song lyrics and can automatically sync them with the music playing on your device.

When choosing a lyrics app, consider its user interface, the size of its lyrics database, and its synchronization capabilities. Take some time to explore different options and read user reviews to make the best choice. Once you've downloaded your preferred app, you're ready to start adding lyrics to your Google Play Music.

Linking Your Lyrics App with Google Play Music

To start using the lyrics app with Google Play Music, you'll need to link the two. This process may vary slightly depending on the app you've chosen, but the general steps are similar. First, open your lyrics app and go to its settings. Look for an option that allows you to connect the app with other music players. Select Google Play Music.

Once you've done this, the lyrics app should be able to detect when you're playing music through Google Play Music and display the corresponding lyrics. Remember, the lyrics app needs to be running in the background for this feature to work. Now, let's proceed to the actual part of viewing the lyrics while listening to music.

Viewing Lyrics while Listening to Music

Now that you've linked your lyrics app with Google Play Music, you can start enjoying your favorite songs along with their lyrics. To do this, play a song on Google Play Music. Then, open your lyrics app. The app should automatically display the lyrics for the currently playing song.

If the lyrics don't show up instantly, you might have to manually search for them using the song's title. Some apps have a floating lyrics feature, which displays the lyrics in a small, movable window on your screen. This way, you can read the lyrics while using other apps. Isn't it amazing to sing along with your favorite songs and understand what they mean at the same time?

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While adding lyrics to Google Play Music is generally a straightforward process, you may encounter a few issues. For instance, the lyrics app might not sync correctly with Google Play Music or display the wrong lyrics. In such cases, check your internet connection, as these apps often rely on it to fetch lyrics.

If the problem persists, try reconnecting the lyrics app with Google Play Music or restarting your device. You can also reach out to the support team of the lyrics app for help. Remember, every problem has a solution, so don't let these small issues stop you from enhancing your music experience!

In conclusion, adding lyrics to Google Play Music can greatly improve your enjoyment of music. It may require a bit of setup, but the result is definitely worth it. So go ahead, find the perfect lyrics app, link it with Google Play Music, and start singing along with your favorite tunes!