13th Sep2011

Just My Thoughts: College Girls, Jeggings & Baby Jesus

by DG

1. Girls Wearing Heels On Campus

Why do college girls wear heels on campus? Everyday I see females maneuvering past the cobblestone in giuseppe’s and tight dresses with backpacks headed to a 1000 level course that they are close to flunking. Most of them didn’t do their homework because they spent those precious hours standing in front of the mirror in hopes of changing what they see. Why should I have to block out the sound of 6 inch designs pacing down the hall when all I want to do is take notes? Instead of letting me be great, you ‘taller than you really are females’ distract my male professors with your legs and kill my sense of smell with your perfume. I wouldn’t mind if I had class on Friday at 11 pm but I don’t so you shouldn’t treat the classroom like the club. Fellas… stop encouraging these broads.

2. Lil Wayne Going Plat In A Week

How did a million of you roll over and turn off your alarm, get ready, catch last night’s top 10 plays, eat a half-healthy meal, step outside, get into your car (or swipe your RTD pass), drive to the nearest music store, reach into your pocket and pull out hard earned money to purchase the Carter IV? Ok I get it; you’re fan and I understand that because I was too… but after he slithered across my TV screen wearing the jeggings of a 14 year old girl, all bets were off. Did you actually believe that a self proclaimed “grown ass blood” who wears women’s girl pants would have something important to say? The truck driver who delivered the albums to Best Buy should have wrecked the minute Wayne skipped across the stage in skin tight leopard print. It’s bad enough you niggas supported him when he told you, “you damn right I kissed my daddy.” The days of using the “but he got a baby by Lauren London” line are over. Fathers please raise your sons.

3. Hov and Bey Having A Baby

Sometime in the next 8 months, Beyonce will give birth to Jesus Hendrix Gates King Jr. IV and the world as we know it will never be the same. Think about it… Jay-Z grew up in Marcy projects and became the most successful hip-hop artist ever. If he could get “92 bricks back” and get Beyonce to marry his 41 year old ass at the age of 28  then his son should be able to take Michelle from Barack to be a side chick, force Halle Berry to actually date a black man, impregnate every woman that did a cameo on Entourage and be the first man ever to live out Young Money’s “Every Girl.” In the meantime; he probably will surpass the Beatles, put Denzel to shame and become the first nigga president.

Today’s Theme Music: Young Jeezy – Thug Motivation 101

I really want to lie to you and tell you I had a reason for picking this song but I don’t. In case you were wondering, it’s possible that @JustynWaves took that photo of Jeezy last year at the BP3 concert but I know my way around photoshop so I took the credit for it. Remember these are just my thoughts so if you don’t agree you ain’t shit and I mean that in the most sincere way. It’s time for me to go see if my check engine light has came on yet because I’m 1,000 miles past due on an oil change. In the meantime, tell a facebook friend to tweet about us.

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